Bob Dylan skips Nobel Prize ceremony

�I�m Not There�, a popular movie on Bob Dylan was on everyone�s mind, when the audience attended the Nobel Awards Ceremony which was eclipsed by the singer's absence.

Bob Dylan skips Nobel Prize ceremony

Living up to his expectations,  popular singer Bob Dylan gave a miss to 2016 Nobel Prize ceremony December 10 at Stockholm.

‘I’m Not There”, a popular movie on Bob Dylan was on everyone’s mind, when the audience attended the awards ceremony eclipsed by the Dylan’s absence.

However, Academy awards for medicine, economics and science were given away on Saturday. Moreover, making the event, a complete PR disaster, he didn’t even bother to dispatch someone to accept the award on his behalf.

He also missed the news conference, traditional banquet and also dinner with  Academy members. Dylan chose to sent his gratitude to the Academy which was  read to the audience.

From a P.R. viewpoint, it’s been a disaster,” admitted Jens Liljestrand, the book editor of  newspaper Expressen. “It’s been a very unfortunate autumn for the Swedish Academy, ” he added.

Dylan’s absence has become a raging controvsersy in
Sweden, as people discussed reasons for his actions. “I completely respect his decision, and I assume that he has very good reasons for not coming,” Sara Danius, who is a permanent secretary of Academy said.

But, public began speculating if it was his phobia for the event or he just wanted a publicity stunt. Swedish writers are also divided on the issue, “Having a Nobel Prize without a Nobel Prize winner is not much fun,” writer Per Gedin reacted on the behaviour of the elusive singer.

“It’s a really warm and welcoming program arranged to make the winner happy,” said another publisher Dorotea Bromberg, reminiscing, how former Literature Prize winner Coetzee was initially unwilling to accept the award in in 2003. But, he got warmed later, she added. Mr. Dylan now joins the company of celebrated personalities like Alice Munro, Doris Lessing, Harold Pinter and Elfriede Jelinek, though they missed the event because of  illness or old age.