44 crore cash, 82kg gold seized in multiple raids across country

Delhi, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu amongst the states raided. The seizures include 32 crore in new currency.

44 crore cash, 82kg gold seized in multiple raids across country

Amid the cash crunch in the country, Raids have been unearthing crores of rupees and kilos of gold across the country. These raids have yielded a haul of over Rs 44 crore, including Rs 32 crore in new currency and 82 kilograms of gold.

In the latest report, Delhi Police raided the office of a law firm in south Delhi Saturday night and seized Rs 13.65 crore in cash of which Rs 2.6 crore was in new bank notes.

It has known that raid was carried out by the Crime Branch at the office of T&T Law Firm, said a senior police officer to media. When the police team raided the office, its rooms were locked and only a caretaker was present.

Police are searching for the firm promoter Rohit Tandon.

Furthermore, in Karnataka, the Income Tax department seized Rs 5.7 crore cash in new notes, 32kg of gold and jewellery, and Rs 90 lakh of old notes stashed inside the bathroom tiles of a hawala dealer in the remote town of Challakere.

It has been reported that the I-T department seized the alleged undisclosed assets from the unidentified hawala operator as part of its raids against black money hoarders.

The seizure was carried out after the I-T department’s investigation wing in Panaji began searches on Friday against casino and bullion traders in Hubballi and Chitradurga districts.

In Tamil Nadu, the Income Tax department seized Rs 24 crore in new notes in Vellore and 50 kgs of gold from businessmen Sekhar Reddy, adding to the biggest confiscation of black money post-demonetisation.

“The raided premises belong to the industrialist Sekhar Reddy, his associate and family member Srinivasalu Reddy, and their agents, including a man named Prem,” an I-T official told media. "So far, 4 out of the total 8 premises that have been searched,” he added.

On Friday, the three men were arrested after IT officials seized Rs 90 crore in old high denomination notes and Rs 9.63 crore in the new Rs 2000 note. I-T officials also seized 127 kg gold from premises belonging to Reddy in Chennai.