Delhi- NCR: Fog continues, Trains, Flights cancelled, delayed

At least 90 trains running late, 28 rescheduled. 4 domestic flights cancelled.

Delhi- NCR: Fog continues, Trains, Flights cancelled, delayed

As the winters start in the national capital region, foggy weather condition continued on Sunday, disrupting rail, road and air traffic.

Reportedly, at least 90 trains are running late while 28 trains had to be rescheduled because of poor visibility. Passengers coming from far off places or those having connecting trains from Delhi have been camping at the railway station. Many have also complained that the railway enquiry number 139 is not functioning.

Air services have been badly hit as both international and domestic flights are arriving and departing late. Passengers are left in the lurch but airlines have ensured functioning of services.

One international and seven domestic flights were delayed at Delhi'S IGI airport, while four dometic flights were cancelled today.

The dense fog has led to low visibility of around 100 to 200 metres. The Delhi police has advised people not to speed and to drive with headlights, fog lights or blinkers on.

Times of India reported that according to the Indian Meteorological Department, the Delhi region will continue to witness fog conditions till December 16. The fog is so thick that it does not allow the sun to penetrate through until noon and this keeps the temperature at minimum in single digits.

Earlier on Saturday, at least 101 trains were running late whereas, 18 others were rescheduled and seven others were cancelled due to fog.