Film review: Kannada movie 'Sundaranga Jaana'

Packed with a strong story line and excellent performance, 'Sundaranga Jaana' promises a wonderful experience for movie lovers.

Film review: Kannada movie

Sundaranga Jaana, the Kannada remake of 2015 Telugu film Bhale Bhale Magadivoy, is a good holiday trip filled with romance, comedy and  everything that needs to entertain its audience. Director Ramesh Arvind has once again proved that he is one of the best in the industry to sense the pulse of movie watchers. Credit also should be given to Maruthi Dasari, who wrote and directed the original Telugu movie. Though it is an adaption, Ramesh Arvind has stamped his signature all over the movie.

Absentminded professors have appeared in numerous movies splashing jokes and being an integral part of the story at the same time. Here in Sundaranga Jaana, the protagonist itself is an absentminded botanist who is ‘lost’ all the time. He feels no difference to his distracted mind when he meets a girl and falls in love. The story develops with a handful of incidents and zig-zags, carefully tailored to keep up the overall ambiance of the movie. Kudos to the other characters made to keep the story rolling.

Apart from story and direction, Sundaranga Jaana is a treat for movie lovers with technical perfection and production qualities. Ganesh and Shanvi in lead roles have taken out best of their efforts to portray characters assigned to them, which makes the movie a joyful experience. While Devaraj shines in his role as Shanvi’s father, other  actors like Sadhu Kokila, Ravishankar Gowda, and Rangayana Raghu, Vasishta Simha keep the momentum going.

Clean humour is the highlight of Sundaranga Jaana with spontaneous and effective dialogues. Cinematography, on the other part, has been done with care by Manohar Joshy. The whole team makes this movie a balanced blend of twists and humour.