Rebel astrologer says women wearing churidar should enter Padmanabhaswamy temple

The rebel astrologer Hari Pathanapuram demands churidar wearing women to enter the Padmanabhaswamy temple.

Rebel astrologer says women wearing churidar should enter Padmanabhaswamy temple

"Sir, I am facing financial problems. My income and expenses never match. I have consulted so many astrologers and performed whatever poojas they have suggested. Nothing happened. Please tell me what to do," a man from Kollam in Kerala said in a programme of Surya TV.

"I will suggest you one more pooja. You have to dot it 21 times. It will cost you around Rs 15000 for one sitting and there are some other procedures like soaking a golden idol in milk. That too I think, will cost around Rs 25000," the astrologer replied.

"Ok sir, I will do it," said the man who called.

With a small laugh, the astrologer said : "Ha, brother, if somebody tells you to do poojas worth lakhs, how will you get money? It is all crap. Never go for this kind of poojas and 'homam' (rituals) which will again make you distressed. Keep a financial discipline, that is the only way you can overcome this trouble. "

"One last thing, never go to all these astrologers including me for everything. When you have a very important thing, please make a visit but don't trust them," the astrologer added.

(The video below is in Malayalam)

The above said was from a video which went viral in Social media of Hari Pathanapuram, the astrologer who is a rebel figure in Kerala. He believes that astrology is not a gimmick, but an ancient form of psychology.

"Horoscope is pure science. When people had no ways to document, they made horoscope to document the lives of people. They observed people according to nature and inscribed it. It was a life cycle," Hari told Naradanews.

"This chovvadosham (mangal dosh) is totally wrong. Women coming under those stars are a little more aggressive and physically strong. Men who match them also are different. But that doesn't signify that planets influence the human lives, it is foolish," he added.

Astrologers, these days are the most wanted professionals. Though they have innovated themselves with new technologies, preach the same old thing.

"Actually, astrologers are ancient counselling experts who brought peace of mind. But, today they inflict more trouble to the people," Hari added.

He accuses that Horoscope readers and astrologers are playing with superstitions, and wants those misbeliefs to be eradicated.

"See, it is not a hoax. It is a platform to bring relief to people. But what are we seeing, these astrologers bringing much trouble to people by holding on to the centuries-old misbeliefs."

Hari received so many threats for his critical takes on the topic. He shared a specific threat he received on Facebook.

(The whole post below is in Malayalam)

The rebel among astrologers charged against Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple's authorities to not allow women wearing churidars to enter. He says churidar is the most decent dress for women and describes the order as farce.

"For me, churidar is the most decent dress for women. Those people who deny the entry of women are not real believers. If god is all-knowing, then what is the problem with a dress?"

"Then what is the status in men dress code? They are going inside without shirt. It is a continuation of an old time practice where slaves had to bow in front of his master," Hari said.

"They are saying it's about the aura of the deity. Then what about women, don't they need to get the blessings of the god. If you closely observe it, you can see that all these superstitions are practiced only in Kerala. Why not anywhere else?" he asks.

A man who declared that he eats beef and takes pride in it, Hari Pathanapuram is a strong voice at a time when critical reasoning and rationalism get muzzled for dissenting against a majoritarian view.