Koffee with Karan: Katrina, Anushka lead Karan Johar to a meltdown

The show brought in crazy and funny sides of the seriously-guarded-actresses.

Koffee with Karan: Katrina, Anushka lead Karan Johar to a meltdown

As a Christmas surprise for the fans of Bollywood diva's Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma, Karan Johar on his show Koffee With Karan hosted the duo and was shocked with the guarded actresses being open and casual about their life.

Johar welcomed his guests, and much to his surprise duo didn't let him talk much after they got into their chatty nature. The friendship of the beauties was clear enough when they easily bantered and spoke their mind.

However, the bold and beautiful Katrina also went on to suggest some changes in the show to Karan, who asked Katrina to just calm down and said, "If your deep-rooted desire to judge Koffee With Karan is over, shall we continue with the show?"

The Jab Tak Hai Jaan co-stars revealed that both are quite similar to each other when it comes to being anti-social and that's why they get along with each other. They also added that both of them do not like to talk about people.

Giving out single vibes, Katrina said, "If everybody wants to date me, it feels lovely. But I do not see any of these people."

Anushka said that she doesn't believe in the number game and thinks it is derogatory and wants to be remembered for her work and films. However, Katrina on a lighter note said that she fully believes in it as long as she is No 1.

Talking about "I Hate Katrina Club," Katrina said that she understood why Varun Dhawan started the club but fails to understand why Arjun Kapoor joined. She said that Arjun, Varun, Salman and she were once walking on bandstand and Varun was 'checking her out'. He got into a little trouble with Salman over it and hence, the club was started.

Taking on Karan Johar, Anushka answered what turns her off saying, "Karan I know you are all for it, but men who remove their shirts for no reason is so off-putting yaa." Soon enough, Arjun Kapoor joined the duo for a segment 'Kiss with Arjun', where Anushka and Katrina had to kiss Arjun on some questions posed to them. Katrina gave the maximum number of kisses to Arjun.

During the 'Kiss With Arjun' round, Karan asked both the ladies that whether they would choose stability over passion in a relationship. However, Anushka who was in her own dreamland failed to understand the question even after Arjun, Katrina, and Karan's repeated attempts. Every time she said, "What does that mean or say it again." Lastly, Karan said, "Anushka, are you mad. I don't want to explain. I am having a meltdown on my show for the first time." He also asked Katrina to shut up and said, "You are equally mad."

In the segment, Karan asked if they had been cheated on in a relationship ever. While Anushka remained frozen in her place (she's been going steady with Virat Kohli), Katrina hesitated a little before going ahead and planting a kiss on Arjun's cheeks. This for many indicated fingers towards her ex-boyfriends, Ranbir Kapoor.
 When Karan asked if the media coverage during the time of her break-up bothered her, she sad, "When you are caught in the storm, it doesn't matter what the weather report says. It's the actuality that's bothersome enough."

At the end, Karan named Arjun Kapoor, the 'Official Mascot' of Koffee With Karan and in for Anushka and Katrina, he said he was exceptionally exhausted, as he had way too much fun.

The show brought in crazy and funny sides of the seriously-guarded-actresses.

The next on the show om January 1 are Shahid Kapoor with his wife, Mira Kapoor.