Another Big Fat South Indian Wedding: This Time in God's Own Country

Biju Ramesh has built a giant set resembling Delhi�s Akshardham Temple for his daughter Megha Ramesh�s wedding, slated for Sunday, at Venpalavattom near Thiruvananthapuram

Another Big Fat South Indian Wedding: This Time in God


South Indian bigwigs seem to be in a contest to outdo each other in a blatant display of their wealth on the pretext of weddings. Recently, former Karnataka minister and mining baron Gali Janardhan Reddy made it to the national headlines because of the ‘Rs. 500-crore’ wedding of his daughter Brahmani, and now it is Kerala’s liquor baron Biju Ramesh’s turn.

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While Reddy had recreated the Vijayanagar Emipre for his daughter’s wedding, Biju Ramesh has built a giant set resembling Delhi’s Akshardham Temple for his daughter Megha Ramesh’s wedding, slated for Sunday, at Venpalavattom near Thiruvananthapuram.

The entrance of the wedding palace, the meet-and-greet area, is the replica of Mysore palace.

The venue boasts of an 80,000 sq feet wedding pandal, decor resembling the sets of a Bollywood blockbuster and an enviable invite list. Above 15,000 people are expected to attend the big fat Kerala wedding. Tamil Nadu’s Acting Chief Minister O Paneerselvama and Commercial Tax Minister KC Veeramani, among other VVIP guests, are expected to grace the occasion. Special security arrangements will be in place for them.

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Megha is slated to tie the knot with Congress leader and former Kerala minister Adoor Prakash’s son Ajay.

A 120 ft long and 50 ft tall special dais for the marriage has been built by the hard work of 500 non-Kerala workers for more than one month.

Arrangements have been made for 6000 people to have food at a time together. Over 100 dishes, including non-vegetarian items, will be cooked on the spot and served hot. Biriyani will be made in German combi oven, which can cook 600-kg biriyani in just 40 minutes. Rajdhani event management will oversee the food arrangement.

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Biju Ramesh is the chairman and managing director of the Rajadhani business empire, headquartered in Kerala. In the last Assembly elections, Ramesh had contested as an AIADMK candidate from the Thiruvananthapuram constituency, however, he lost.

During nomination, he declared his and family’s assets as valued at Rs. 257 crore.

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This is not the first time that a businessman is spending crores of rupees on daughter’s wedding. Last year, NRI businessman Ravi Pillai had spent approximately Rs 55 crore on his daughter Arathi's wedding in Kollam.