Mahagathbandhan hopes on demonetisation goes for maha-unravelling

The internal assessment of the BJP says that it is the opposition on the defense to explain their objections to the demonetisation move

The Opposition has brought the Parliament to a standstill ever since the winter session started on November 16 by protesting against the hardship caused to the poor by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.

But the reluctance showed by the ruling alliance on the disruptions shows that they are up to something else. The internal assessment of the BJP says that it is the opposition on the defensive to explain their objections to the demonetisation move.

The government was on backfoot when the session started and stunned by the attacks from the opposition. But their enthusiasm became stronger when the survey reports on the note ban came out. The reports said that most of the people supported the government on the move.

Even ruling allies Shiromani Akali Dal, which had differences against demonetisation had to change the rhetoric after the survey reports came out.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh had called for an all-party meeting last week to discuss the disruptions. But the opposition parties found that not all of them were not been invited for the talks and eventually the meeting went futile.

There was no follow-up from the Home Minister on this regard. Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan also called for a consensus between the opposition and the government but nothing concrete emerged.

With the results of by-polls in Assam, Madhya Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh where BJP scored an impressive win, the confidence level of the party have shot up. This was followed by victories in the local body elections in both Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Considered as a referendum on prime minister’s demonetisation, BJP leadership was quick enough to project the results as an indication that the people supported the currency ban.

The government is focusing on to see the new notes to reach the banks before December 1. If the government succeeds in convincing the people then it will make the position of the opposition parties more weaker.

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