Now Ola, Uber can charge you upto 3 to 4 times as surge price

Taxis with All India Tourist Permit (AITP) will be allowed to operate under aggregators.

Introducing new taxi norms, Centre now allows all taxi aggregators including Ola and Uber to charge up to 3 times the minimum fare during the day and up to 4 times between midnight and 5 am.

However, the minimum fare will have to be submitted to the state transport departments for approval and they will have the liberty to fix the cap. The norms also allow private vehicles to be used as taxis by paying a fee and getting their permissions online.

Taxis with All India Tourist Permit (AITP) will be allowed to operate under aggregators. AITP cars can also be engaged by BPOs, IT firms, companies, government departments and PSUs for long-term hiring.

The price curbs will cover vehicles that are less than four metres in length, which have been categorised as “economy taxi”. All taxis will have to comply with local fuel and other norms and they have to have app-based metering system, which needs to be validated by an agency approved by the IT ministry.

Taxis will also need to display the registration number and driver’s photo prominently besides setting up a call centre for attending to SOS.

The transport ministry will submit the guidelines to the Delhi high court next week. These have been framed after wide consultation with taxi players, state and central government departments following a Delhi high court direction.

Media reports have said that the guidelines focus on increasing the availability of taxis by lowering entry barriers and promoting share riding as estimates suggest the cost of congestion in Indian cities is close to Rs 60,000 crore annually. Officials said anyone opting to utilise his idle private vehicle as taxi will have to get the permit and fulfil other norms.