Playback singer Rahul Pandey: Would love to see more people listening to non-Bollywood music

Pandey made his Bollywood debut in Saif Ali Khan-Ileana Dcruz starrer Happy Ending

Rahul Pandey is born and brought up in Kolkata and studied in St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. He’s an MBA and has been singing since his school days.

He made his Bollywood debut in Saif Ali Khan-Ileana Dcruz starrer Happy Ending. He has also sung for Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty’s debut film Hero.

He speaks to Narada News about his latest single, Aa Chalein and feels that independent music should be more respected. There is also a special video at the end so read on…

Your latest single ‘Aa Chalein’ comes across as a carefree song. What’s the story?

Aa Chalein is a song about freedom. It is indeed a carefree song that talks about daring to walk on the road less travelled and exploring the unexplored sides of life and dreams.

The beats are a little different from your past work, what was the thought behind this song & lyrics?

We wanted to make a commercial song with a good melody and an easy recall. The basic idea was to come up with a song with meaningful lyrics and an enjoyable tune that everybody can sing along and I feel Manish Ch the composer did a great job.

Having released singles as well as film numbers, which is your favourite among the two and why?

To me, music is music irrespective of whether it is a film number or a single. I enjoy making good music and till the time I keep my audiences entertained I am happy and satisfied.

When writing, or composing for a film track, do you have the same freedom as compared to your single tracks?
film music is more script-centric. so when I sing for a film I have to keep in mind the situation, story line and the nature of the character.

If you had to change one thing in the way music is approached in India, what would it be?

In India, music is equivalent to Bollywood. Independent music does not get as much respect and mileage as Bollywood music. I would surely love to see more and more people turning to independent music. Music should be about the artist as much as the big names associated with it.

What is your current frame of mind and can you do an impromptu for our viewers?