PM Modi says ruling party is fighting corruption, not opposition parties

PM Modi also slammed the opposition for "asking for proof for everything."

PM Modi says ruling party is fighting corruption, not opposition parties

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday criticised the opposition over its stand against corruption, saying the ruling party today is fighting corruption, not the opposition parties.

Addressing a BJP Parliamentary meet today, Modi said: “Unlike before, the ruling party today is fighting corruption and black money and unlike before, the opposition parties are not."

After the central government decided to demonetise high value notes on November 8, almost all the opposition parties have opposed the decision.  Modi claimed the decision to withdraw RS 1000 and Rs 500 is a huge step to curb corruption and black money in the country.

"Before, the ruling party indulged in corruption, like with Bofors and the spectrum scam. At that time, the opposition came together to agitate, but today, the ruling party and the NDA are fighting to defeat black money and it is being opposed by the opposition," TOI reported as Modi saying to BJP lawmakers.

Modi also thanked Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar and Odisha CM  Naveen Patnaik for supporting demonetisation.

"Today not all are with us in fight against black money. Thank Nitish Kumar and Odisha CM for supporting it," he said.

Moreover, PM Modi also slammed the opposition for "asking for proof for everything."

"Today is (December) 16th and the date of Bangladesh's liberation. At that time when (Bangladesh was declared liberated) the opposition didn't ask for proof of that, but today the opposition asks for proof," he was quoted saying.

Earlier, ahead of the last day of Parliament’s winter session, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi-led delegation on Friday met Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the issue of loan waiver for farmers along with other leaders and submitted a memorandum regarding the same.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, the Congress vice-president said, “PM accepted that the situation of farmers is bad but he didn’t say anything on waiving off loan.”

Rahul added, “We met the PM to highlight the plight of the farmers and sought removal of import duty on wheat that has devastated them.”