Post Vardah, NGO decides to plant one lakh trees in Chennai

Over 5,000 trees, which acted as the metro city's oxygen factories, were uprooted in the cyclonic storm

Post Vardah, NGO decides to plant one lakh trees in Chennai

Pasumai Thayagam (Green Motherland), an NGO in Tamil Nadu, has decided to plant one lakh trees in Chennai in the wake of thousands of trees being uprooted in the recent cyclonic storm Vardah, Sowmya Anbumani, chairperson of Pasumai Thayagam, has said.

“The disaster happened due to Vardah cyclone in Chennai and outskirts was never before seen in our history. Homes, bus stations and electric posts were damaged on one hand, and over 5,000 trees, which acted as our oxygen factories, were totally uprooted on the other hand,” said Sowmya in a statement.

Though other damages can be fixed a week, to have trees grown back in the city will take many years of efforts. "These trees were doing a great job of purifying the over-polluted air in the city. Now, as more than 5000 trees were uprooted, the aftereffects will be unmeasurable," she added.

Pasumai Thayagam, which has been involved in planting trees, protecting environment and conducting awareness programmes on dangers of tobacco and alcohol consumption have planted over 30 lakh trees, so far, in Tamil Nadu.

"We are also actively involved in protecting and maintaining trees that have been planted in the city," she said.

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