RSS pracharak Indresh Kumar: Muslims are impressed with our work

Senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar says Congress and other parties have always seen Muslims only as votebanks. But the BJP wants development for everyone, he says.

RSS pracharak Indresh Kumar: Muslims are impressed with our work

The entire country has plunged into a crisis after demonetisation and the Centre and the opposition have locked horns over the issue. What’s your point of view on this?

The government took the demonetisation decision keeping in mind some special motives, which were in the interest of the country. Since Independence, terrorism, Maoism, Naxalism and separatism were gaining ground in the country and the (high value) currency played a vital role in their violent acts. Demonetisation has hit the nail on the head. Demonetisation has also controlled communal violence and crime. It has also prevented corruption in the country. One can see the effect after the one month of demonetisation. You don’t see stone pelters any more in Kashmir and schools are also running well. In a survey conducted by the government over demonetisation, 92 per cent people supported the move.

The entire country was seen standing in queues and new notes were found in tax raids. What kind of preparation did the government do?

The government was fully prepared to ensure better currency flow. But after the raids, one thing came forward that some people don’t want to see India changing. Even if some good work was being done, they were creating a disturbance. Their only job is to loot and they won’t stop it. After demonetisation, jewellers made huge profits. Our society should think about this. Demonetisation has brought transparency in the system. I appeal to people through to open bank accounts, for the elderly and for kids. Those who haven't paid tax should pay it and become part of the change.

For the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls, what plan does the RSS have to bring Muslims closer to the BJP?

The current government is working on Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas. Be it Uttar Pradesh or the whole country, if people of all religions come together for development, then the Muslim community will also get developed. Muslims have been deceived as they have been placed under minority status and they are now facing a problem. Now, it has been understood that dividing the country over caste or religion is not good for the country. Now, the country should not be divided along religious lines and everyone should get equal opportunity for development. Muslims have now understood the truth that some parties like the Congress, the Samajwadi Party, the Bahujan Samaj Party, the Janata Dal United and the Rashtriya Janata Dal taught them to hate the RSS and used them as a votebank. Muslims are impressed with the work of the RSS and they are having healthy conversation with us. Muslims now understand that leaders like Laloo, Mulayam, Azam, Owaisi , Mayawati and Nitish are dividing society. The Muslim Rashtriya Manch is the only organisation which is working for Hindu-Muslim unity.

The country is divided over the triple talaq issue. What is your stand on the issue?

According to the Quran and Hadis, Allah does not like divorce. Pairs are made in heaven and the knots are tied on earth. Talaq is a sin which should not be performed. Muslims scholars have also opposed divorce. Neither the Quran nor the Hadis permit triple talaq. Triple talaq is not only unIslamic and illegal but it is also inhuman. On the appeal of Muslim women, the Allahabad High Court and the Kerala High Court termed triple talaq illegal. Religious courts shouldn’t be allowed in India.

RSS always talks about cow protection. But under BJP rule, the number of slaughterhouses has increased. In Haryana, the issue of beef biryani came up. What is your reaction to it?

Cow protection leads to welfare of the people. I appeal to people of all castes and religions to protect the cow. Cow is important for economic development. Cow urine is used to make medicines and cow dung is like cement for the common man. During the last two-and-a-half years under BJP rule, cow slaughter has decreased.

Congress and other parties say that after the surgical strike, incidents of cross-border infringements have increased resulting in more deaths of soldiers. What is your take on it?

After the surgical strike, the government has given a free hand to the army to deal with terrorists. Number of casualties on Pakistan’s side are more than on our side. Unfortunately, some politicians don't want to give credit to Modi government for the work. India has made its policy clear that it will fight with the enemy on his land. Sindhis, Mohajirs, Pashtuns, Balochs are already demanding freedom from Pakistan. Now, the referendum won’t be in Kashmir but in Pakistan.

People like Zakir Naik are trying to spread communal tension. What steps should the government take against them?

Most of the Muslims in India and abroad have opposed Zakir Naik. He represents an evil form of Islam and not the humanist form and that is the reason most of the people demanded to ban his activities. He is destroying the future of Muslim youth and making money.

What do you say about Samjhauta Express blast charges against you?

All accusations are false. The truth is in front of the country.