Sona Mohapatra calls out IIT-Bombay Sexist

In her letter, the Mohapatra has alleged that Mood-I failed to include female artists on their list of performers

Sona Mohapatra calls out IIT-Bombay Sexist

Singer, composer and lyricist Sona Mohapatra on Thursday posted an open letter addressed to the organizers of Mood Indigo -IIT-Bombay's inter-collegiate festival - saying the fest was being "sexist".

In her letter, the singer has alleged that Mood-I (as the event is popularly known) failed to include female artists on their list of performers. She further states that the women artists who have performed had to do it under the "umbrella" of a male artist.

Mohapatra also alleged that the female artists who have performed before, haven't been paid well in comparison to the male ones.

She further said that for the past three years she has received invitations from Mood-I organizers, but always with one non-negotiable caveat- "a man needs to be clubbed in on the marquee to validate (Sona's) stage'.

Mohapatra says in the letter that she was told not to bother with writing the letter. However, she decided to write it not expecting any personal gain but because she thought it would initiate a discussion.

"If this letter even changes 5 percent of the gender mix on stage in the coming days, I'll consider my time well spent, although my gender actually constitutes close to 50 percent of the population," the singer wrote.

This is not the first time that Mood-I has found itself on the centre of a sexism controversy. In 2013, the lead singer of Euphoria, Palash Sen made a controversy for making remarks on stage which were interpreted as derogatory for women.

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