Synaptics' fingerprint sensor with 1 mm cover glass launched

The sensor is used for high-resolution scanning using the cover glass with 1mm thickness. The sensor can generate crystal clear, button-free industrial designs, said Synaptics.


Synaptics, a US-based human interface solution provider has launched “Natural ID FS9100”. It is an optical fingerprint sensor designed for smartphone and tablets, added Synaptics and its sensor is used for high-resolution scanning using the  cover glass with 1mm thickness. The sensor can generate crystal  clear, button-free industrial designs, said Synaptics.

Specs, design of Synaptics sensor:

The sensor is very strong, durable and can withstand water, wet surfaces, and even scratches. The sensor has power  to

image through thick 2.5D glass, and ideal for smartphones and tablets, said an official of Synaptics.

It has advantages over ordinary optical fingerprint sensors, which are being used for access control and public biometric identity verification, added the company.

It’s key highlights include an advanced Synaptics optical technology to improve the performance of smartphones and could bypass technical issues easily. It needs only limited power to operate added the company.

The sensor is now placed under the  cover glass, with a  2.5D glass, placed on devices’  front and bottom bezel. It boasts SentryPoint technology assisted by OEMs, offering a wide avenues for highly secure authentication. It is having Quantum Matcher that uses latest PurePrint anti-spoof technology.

PurePrint will verify fingerprint images with a latest available AI technology to make out if any fraud, added company.

Talking about the advantages of the new sensor, considered to be the first-of-its kind in the industry, Anthony Gioeli, VP marketing of Biometrics Product Division said, "In addition to opening the door to new industrial design options, it enables OEMs to provide highly durable, button-free cover glass and more easily provide water resistant products while eliminating low yield glass processing.”

Synaptic is a leading tech firm, involved in producing touch, display, and biometrics products, and its solutions are designed for mobile, PC and automotive industries. Synaptics combines ease of use, functionality and aesthetics to enable products, added the company in a press statement.