Tasmac outlets in state highways should be closed, demands Ramadoss

A bench headed by Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar gave the Tamil Nadu government time till February 17 to formulate a scheme to shift or close shops located near state highways.

Tasmac outlets in state highways should be closed, demands Ramadoss

Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) president S Ramadoss demanded the closure of tasmac outlets dotting state highways as per the Supreme Court order.

“PMK is fighting hard to save our families from the grip of liquor. We are seeking legal ways to make it true. The government has informed that liquor shops would be closed and Tamil Nadu would be a dry state step by step. Around 500 tasmac shops were closed as a first step. In 2013, the apex court ordered to close liquor shops dotting national and state highways. The state government filed an appeal against it and the court ordered to shut liquor shops operating near national highways which resulted in closure of 504 liquor shops", said Ramadoss.

PMK also raises the demand for closing down the Tasmac outlets operating near state highways. "We have already filed the petitions to the Chief Justice TS Thakur. He opined that provisions should not be given to liquor consumers. Easy availability of liquor attracts people to go for it. Liquor shops should not be easily visible and signboards pointing to such shops should not be placed anywhere. The final order is expected to come soon”, said Ramadoss.

Earlier in January 2015, the Supreme Court said the liquor shops along state highways should be either shifted or closed because a highway meant both national and state highway.

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