UAE royal family's convoy attacked in Pakistan

The attack took place when members of royal family were on a hunting expedition to hunt the endangered Houbara bustard bird.

UAE royal family

The members of UAE royal family, including Deputy Prime Minister Prince Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan escaped a bid on their life unhurt, when their convoy came under fire in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province on Tuesday.

According to PTI, the attack took place they were on a hunting expedition to hunt the endangered Houbara bustard bird.

Media reports quoting police officials said about 10 armed insurgents on motorcycles opened fire on the convoy, but they soon fled, when the Frontier Corps personnel, who were guarding the convoy returned fire. The security agencies soon cordoned off the entire area and no member of the royal family is injured in the incident, added officials as quoted by Pakistani media.

The outlawed Balochistan Libration Front has claimed responsibility of the attack, according to Pakistan’s leading daily The Dawn.

During winter season, Arab prices come to Pakistan to hunt the endangered Houbara bustard, and the sport has become an important part of the country’s  relationship with Arab states. However, the population of the bird has fallen drastically leading to a recent ban on its hunting by Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa officials. The practise has been widely criticised at both international and national wildlife experts, who fear the wild population of the bird will be completely wiped out if the hunting continues.

The bird’s meat is considered to be aphrodisiac, and is feared to become totally extinct in Pakistan if the hunting continues.

Recently, the region erupted following the a controversial hunting by Federal government to allow Qatar’s Prince Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali al Thani to hunt the bustard.

The population of the bird saw a decline of 60 % in recent years, across the globe.