Video: iPhones, iPads....Entire Apple store gets robbed in under 15 secs, twice

No one bats an eyelid as robbers, in under 15 seconds, take off with Apple gadgets in broad daylight robbery. Watch video....

Video: iPhones, iPads....Entire Apple store gets robbed in under 15 secs, twice

Security video footage released by San Francisco police department shows that for the second time this week, hooded robbers looted an Apple Store as onlookers and staff present in the store did not give a damn about it.

The same store has been targeted twice by the hooded gang of robbers. The modus operandi remains simple. They storm into the store and grab all the Apple gadgets they can and flee as onlookers remain numb in shock as to what just unfolded in front of their eyes.

The group of unidentified men have struck the store at San Francisco Marina District first on November 25 and then again on November 29. The video has gone viral now after being released by the San Francisco police department to help identify the robbers.

In the first instance, three robbers rip the tethered products from the store’s display, while in the second four individuals are visible.

It's Apple's policy to not interfere with robberies for safety reasons. Also, Apple gadgets can be disabled remotely by being put into Lost Mode over 3G/4G/Wifi to track them or render them useless, so they are paperweights.

The exact value of the stolen goods, which appear to be iPhones and iPads, is not known. It’s also not clear whether the same people were involved in both thefts. No arrests have yet been made. Anyone with information should contact the San Francisco Police Department’s tip line on 415-575-4444.

Watch the security video footage of the robberies at the Apple store which went viral:

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