Why is AIADMK dragging caste into talks, asks ex-Congress MP

V Rajaswaran has alleged that the BJP is playing tricks to counter the AIADMK in Tamil Nadu

Why is AIADMK dragging caste into talks, asks ex-Congress MP

Former Congress MP and former parliamentarian V Rajeswaran has criticised that THE AIADMK is carting caste into discussions on the election of the next party leader. He was talking to media in Madurai on Monday.

“Caste has entered into the scene within seven days after the demise of former CM J Jayalalithaa.  This could be a trick played by the BJP. Some political parties are supporting their intention to deteriorate the AIADMK in Tamil Nadu. Selection of the next CM and party leader are the internal affairs of the party. Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi have never used caste to grow the party. It is strange that caste is being included while choosing party leader,” said Rajeswaran.

“Jayalalithaa was leading the party as per the visions of MGR. Sasikala has gone through many tough situations during her 30-year life with Jayalalithaa. Now, there are objections arising against Sasikala’s admission as the party head,” he added.

He also said that an actor and actress, who had lost chances in cinema, were prompting unwanted speculations about Jayalalithaa’s treatment. Rajeswaran asked them to "clean their own houses before peeping into neighbours".