Why so much police security at Poes Garden, asks MK Stalin

The DMK leader urged the police department to not to misuse power

Why so much police security at Poes Garden, asks MK Stalin

DMK leader MK Stalin, in a Facebook post, has questioned the need to deploy over 240 police officers around Poes Garden, the home of the late J Jayalalithaa.

High-ranked police officers, including a Superintendent, four Deputy Superintendents and seven Inspectors; sub inspectors and constables are observing the premises 24 x 7 in three shifts. Some of them are permanently accommodated in a house opposite Poes Garden. Food from Police Mess near Adayar Boat Club was being arranged for them.

These officers are paid an extra Rs.6,000 per day for the risk they are taking. They are provided with any vehicle to travel and any place to stay as they wish. The facilities they are enjoying in the name of someone dead are not given to the police officers who are working hard in the city, he wrote.

Apart from these police officers, around 60 people from the police department are assigned with duties to protect Poes Garden. Many of them have complained about the double duty they have to attend, Stalin said.

He also urged the police department to stop exploiting power and use the force for filling thousands of vacant posts in the state.