Why Sonia Gandhi does not want Priyanka to join politics, even though Rahul has been a letdown

Sonia Gandhi has confided in her close aides why she is against Priyanka joining active politics. Congress sources in the know reveal the reason behind it.

Why Sonia Gandhi does not want Priyanka to join politics, even though Rahul has been a letdown

There has been a lot of talk in the corridors of power and in media about the reason behind Priyanka Gandhi's reluctance in joining active politics. But a reliable source from 10 Janpath has revealed that not only is she eager to join politics but has also requested her mother, Congress president Sonia Gandhi, quite a few times to allow her to help revive Congress party's fortunes which have taken a downturn in the recent past. The source tells us that some of the senior leaders in Congress are dissatisfied with Rahul Gandhi's leadership and have repeatedly called out for Priyanka Gandhi to lead the party. However, Sonia Gandhi has not yet given the green signal for Priyanka to join active politics.

stripAnother interesting fact that came out from the candid conversation  with this source is the reason behind why the Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has not yet tied the knot. The source says that Sonia has time and again asked Rahul to marry but he has turned down his mother's requests. According to the source, Sonia Gandhi wants Rahul to marry an Indian girl but Rahul had been dating a foreigner which was not acceptable to Sonia due to their political background. Hence, Rahul has categorically told his mother that he is not interested to settle down any time soon and would rather prefer to remain a bachelor for a while, revealed the source.

Sonia had discussed about two possible brides to become a part of the Gandhi family with Rahul. One of them was from an influential Muslim political family from Jammu and Kashmir. She was educated from the Oxford university. The other girl is the daughter of a senior IPS officer of Madhya Pradesh cadre. Both the proposals were rejected by Rahul at the moment. He was dating a Colombian during that time with whom he was spotted holidaying in Kerala by the media. The couple was captured in the sense by photojournalists in an Alappuzha lake resort on a house boat. The resort, Paul Inn, is owned by the Paul, son of  former Congress minister in Karnataka, T John.

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The incident tuned into a controversy with the opposition claiming this was against Indian culture. Priyanka was rushed to Kerala where she appeared in the public to establish that the lady was a friend of Priyanka as a firefighting measure. In another incident, Rahul Gandhi, who is known to be a motorbike fanatic usually riding from Janpath to India Gate, was spotted riding late at night in Delhi along with his then Afghani girlfriend who happened to be from an influential family of that country. The source revealed that his mother did not approve of the relationships.

Rahul asked Sonia that when he doesn't have time for himself, how can he marry someone and bring her home as his wife. The difference in opinion is the reason behind Rahul Gandhi remaining the most eligible bachelor of India even though he has crossed the age of 40. Sonia is concerned about Rahul's future and that is the reason why she wants him to settle down and take over the reins of Congress leadership so that his future is secure. The way Congress is headed, Rahul's future is uncertain. The source stated that even Prashant Kishor has cautioned senior leaders of the Congress and Sonia Gandhi as well that if Rahul remains at the helm, then within 15 years the Congress will not remain a nationally relevant political party.

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Recent poll results have shown a dangerous trend. Senior Congress leaders have raised their concerns with the party president. Calls for Priyanka Gandhi to take over the reins from her brother have hit an all-time high. The source says that Sonia Gandhi has requested these leaders to allow Rahul to remain as the upcoming face of Congress till the time she is not bed-ridden. The source did not reveal whether there is a possibility in the near future that Sonia may become bed-ridden. She has told her daughter that she can join politics to help revive the Congress party once Sonia is not capable to do it herself. Till then Sonia wants Rahul to be in-charge.

Another reason why Sonia does not promote Priyanka over Rahul, the source says, although she is very close to her daughter, is that she is an Italian Catholic. The Catholic way does not allow her to place her daughter over her son. The male always has a dominant place in Catholic beliefs. The source adds that Sonia Gandhi is of a very conservative outlook and that's the reason why Rahul is still the vice-president of the Congress and Priyanka not yet a part of active politics, even though this is the worst phase for Congress party in the history of Independent India.