2-year-old saves his twin brother

Their mother Kayli Shoff said, �I think it�s a complete miracle, honestly. It comes down on his head really hard."

2-year-old saves his twin brother

In a miraculous save, a 2-year-old toddler saved his twin brother who was trapped under a fallen dresser.

In a video uploaded by Kayli Shoff, a 2-year old Utah boy Bowdy Shoff saves his brother Brock Shoff when the entire 115-lb. dresser falls off on Brock.

The kids are seen playing alongside dresser, where they try to climb inside two open drawers, but the dresser comes tumbling down off on both of them. It lands on top of Brock’s head and pins him to the floor. Bowdy can be seen struggling to save his brother and is ultimately able to push the heavy furniture off of him.

According to a report of TIME, both toddlers were left unscathed. Their mother Kayli Shoff said, “I think it’s a complete miracle, honestly. It comes down on his head really hard." “Not even a little scratch or a bruise. We were lucky,” she said.

According to the report, it happened when the resilient and rambunctious boys, who are best friends, were playing by themselves inside their bedroom about 8 a.m. on December 29 when the Ikea furniture came crashing down. Their parents, who didn’t hear any loud noises, said they only realized something had gone wrong when they checked the room’s surveillance camera and saw the fallen dresser.

The video moved Kayli Shoff to tears. “It’s really heard to watch,” she said. “I just kind of felt ashamed and embarrassed as a parent. I could have prevented this.” The children’s dresser was not anchored to the wall, which safety experts recommend to prevent injuries or deaths in toddlers. Shoff said she didn’t know of the dangers associated with unsecured dressers.

Video shows the little boy trying to lift the dresser and climbing over it to access how he can move it on his own before he pushes it.“I think deep down inside he knew he had to do something because his brother was in pain and was suffering,” Kayli Shoff said.