Centre clears Ordinance for holding Jallikattu in TN, President's nod awaited

Environment Minister Anil Dave said that Centre wanted a �permanent� solution to the Jallikattu issue and a final decision would be taken within a �day or two.�

Centre clears Ordinance for holding Jallikattu in TN, President

Sending off the Jallikattu for President's final nod, the Centre on Friday cleared the Tamil Nadu government’s proposal to promulgate an ordinance to hold Jallikattu.

After meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneerselvam had assured that state government would issue an ordinance and Jallikattu would be held in a few days. Staying true to its statement, CM sent in an ordinance to Centre on Friday, which now stands for final approval of the President.

Since the subject falls in the Concurrent list of the Constitution, it was mandatory to get a nod from the Centre, a senior Home Ministry official said on Friday.

The Home Ministry sent the draft submitted by the State to the Environment and Law Ministries for their response. On Friday, the Environment Ministry sent its reply, and the Home Ministry gave its clearance.

“The ordinance has been cleared by the Home Ministry and the State government can promulgate it by introducing it either as a Bill in the Assembly or the State Cabinet can clear it. It doesn’t have to go to the President of India for his assent since his powers are vested with the Home Ministry,” said the official.

The Tamil Nadu Cabinet is expected to clear the ordinance and recommend it to the Governor Ch. Vidyasagar Rao for promulgation. Rao is scheduled to arrive in Chennai from Mumbai on Saturday evening.

Environment Minister Anil Dave told media that Centre wanted a “permanent” solution to the Jallikattu issue and a final decision would be taken within a “day or two.”
Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh attacked the former UPA government for including bulls in the list of animals prohibited from being exhibited or trained as performing animals in 2011 and blamed the decision for the current protests over jallikattu.

"Nothing would have happened if in 2011 somebody had not put the name of bulls in the list of performing animals. We would not have been sitting here. It all started in 2011. That created the whole problem. Those who are asking xyz questions, they should know where they were at different moments," he said.

CM Panneerselvam said on Friday that the State government will amend a Central act on Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to allow conduct of jallikattu and requested the environment ministry to de-notify bulls from the prohibited category.