DGCA to probe near miss of two private airlines in 2016

DGCA has ordered a probe on the bizarre incident, when a Jet Airways and Alliance Air flight nearly avoided collision on December 2, 2016.

DGCA to probe near miss of two private airlines in 2016

Directorate General of Civil Aviation has ordered an enquiry on the bizarre incident, on December  2, 2016, when a Jet Airways flight and Alliance air plane miraculously avoided collusion. The incident was reported first by the Nagpur Air Traffic Control, triggering panic in the aviation sector.

Sources termed the incident, a serious breach, adding that it was a close shave for the passengers travelling in both airlines. 

The Jet Airways flight 9W792, coming from Indore to Delhi, diverted from its assigned height of  16,000 feet and instead moved up to 17,800 feet, close to the Gwalior-Mumbai Alliance Air flight CD-628, which has been flying at its assigned 18,000 feet.

“A case of air proximity was reported due to a serious breach of separation. This resulted in the lateral distance (horizontal) being reduced to 4 nautical miles,” ATC officials said later.

Officials said, it was a very serious incident, adding that “There was a breach of 1,800 feet from what was permitted.”

ATC said, pilots of both flights were immediately alerted, as the auto-alarm system, (Traffic Collision Avoidance System or Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System) went off in the cockpit.

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