Go to Pakistan: BJP leader tells Malayalam film director Kamal

Kamal drew the ire of the BJP when he objected to cops entering IFFK theatres to round up people who did not stand while the national anthem was being played.

A senior BJP leader in Kerala has said Malayalam film director Kamal should leave the country if he cannot accept the rules here. However, Kamal sought to make light of BJP state general secretary AN Radhakrishnan’s comments, saying he did not wish to reply to such rants, Malayala Manorama has reported.

Kamal, who was Chairman and Festival Director of the recently-concluded International Film Festival (Kerala), drew the ire of the BJP when he objected to cops entering theatres to round up people who had not stood up while the national anthem was being played.

The police action had come after the BJP complained that the Supreme Court order on playing national anthem in theatres was not being followed.

After six IFFK delegates were arrested on this count, he had said: “Nobody should try to project themselves as the proponents of nationalism. We also belong to this country and we also believe in nationalism.”

Following this, the BJP and Yuva Morcha staged a protest outside Kamal’s house in Thrissur by singing the national anthem repeatedly and burt his effigy on Dec. 14.

They also allegedly addressed Kamal as ‘Kamaluddin’ and termed him “anti-national”.

However, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan supported Kamal and said: “The act of addressing Kamal as Kamaludeen only shows deep religious intolerance which will not work in Kerala. The government will take action against it. The Sangh Parivar’s certificate is not needed for Kamal.”

Radhakrishnan was recently in the news for slamming noted writer MT Vasudevan Nair for the latter’s comments against demonetisation. He said Kamal was given the chairmanship of the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy for terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi a “cannibal”.