Impact of caste in politics will come down – Ram Vilas Paswan

Ram Vilas Paswan said in UP elections, caste will only have a 10% to 15% weightage, compared to 90% earlier.

Impact of caste in politics will come down – Ram Vilas Paswan

Union food minister Ram Vilas Paswan in an interview to The Economic Times said, after demonetization, caste will have less influence in politics. He said the sharpness of the caste system will be made blunt.

“Everyone first look at making his livelihood, then caste or religion. So definitely, casteism will stop. Politically, in some states caste is of primary relevance — as in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar — while development is of less importance. While in other states, caste is an issue too but it’s secondary. This andolan (demonetisation) will end caste system in politics. Caste will remain only for issues like marriages,” he said.

He also said the rich is not reacting to the demonetization move and it can be due to reasons like having black money.

When asked about the reaction to demonetization in his own region, Paswan said there was no complaint since the beginning from people of Bihar.

“A good thing of demonetisation is that people automatically reduced their spending and saved money. To my surprise, in a recent trip to Hajipur, I could buy tea, sweets and clothes with a card,” Paswan said.