Mexico club shooting leaves 5 dead

Prosecutor Miguel Angel Pech said two people, apparently security guards, had fired back at the assailant.

Mexico club shooting leaves 5 dead

In a horrific incident, a shooting erupted during an electronic music festival at a Mexican beach resort early on Monday, leaving five people dead.

Reportedly, fifteen other people were injured in the rumpus after a gunman opened fire on security guards preventing him from entering the Blue Parrot nightclub during the BPM festival in Playa del Carmen, the Quintana Roo state prosecutor's office said in a statement.

However,  the state's governor Roberto Borge the gunfire stemmed from "a personal conflict" between two individuals, which "involved the intervention of security guards."

So far, amongst five dead including one in a stampede, three have been identified as the Canadian Kirk Wilson, the Italian Daniel Pessina and the Mexican Rafael Penaloza Vega.

This comes in an area of Mexico which is usually spared from the drug violence afflicting other parts of the country.

Media reports have quoted Eric Alvarez, a 40-year-old Mexican DJ saying, "We suddenly had to jump over the metal security barriers because they were shooting. It was horrible. We were very scared."

"A lot of people were panicking," other said. "Witnesses said that a person tried to enter the establishment with a weapon but was blocked by security guards, triggering the attack," said the statement from Prosecutor's office.

Prosecutor Miguel Angel Pech said two people, apparently security guards, had fired back at the assailant.

Four people were detained near the scene of the crime and authorities are investigating if they were connected to the shooting, he added.

In the official statement from The BPM Festival, the authorities have said, "The violence began on 12th street in front of the club and three members of the BPM security team were among those whose lives were lost while trying to protect patrons inside the venue."

They further said that they are "cooperating fully with local law enforcement and government officials as they continue their investigation."

Further reports have quoted eye-witnesses telling that they all were too terrified to move with the shooting and threw themselves to the ground in order to protect themselves and left only after Police asked them to.