Microsoft Scorpio Vs. Nintendo Switch: Which console to buy in 2017?

With major consoles due to be released by both Microsoft and Nintendo, the console wars are set to heat up in 2017.

With major consoles due to be released by both Microsoft and Nintendo, the console wars are set to heat up in 2017.

Nintendo prepares to release the Switch, a hybrid living room/portable console that could never come from any other company. At the same time, Microsoft is pushing things in a different direction with the Xbox Scorpio, a “premium” experience aimed at a customer that has a 4K TV and knows how to use it.

Nintendo will be holding an event where it will announce details about the Switch such as how much damage it will do to your pocket around mid-January, and we can expect to see it on shelves at some point in March.

Microsoft has said that we can expect to see the Xbox Scorpio at some point in late 2017. Early signs suggest it looks like the perfect console for more hardcore gamers who don’t want to delve into computer gaming for whatever reason.

Microsoft has said the Xbox Scorpio will quite possibly be the most powerful console that has been released to date, with Xbox Chief Phil Spencer even dubbed it a “premium console”, it will feature native 4K resolution, VR, a slimmer body than its fat predecessor the Xbox One, an internal power supply, backwards compatibility, and 4K Ultra HD for video streaming services such as Netflix.

Let’s just see if Microsoft can deliver all those features and keep the $400 price tag. If so, it may just be time to go out and buy a 4K TV if you haven’t already.

Firstly, one must consider the fact that Microsoft may not be able to deliver the sort of outstanding specifications that it has mooted for the Scorpio. It is certainly not beyond the realm of possibility, but there is no doubt that it will be a challenge to deliver this machine, which would be far more powerful than any console released previously.

And even if Microsoft can live up to expectations in terms of specs, there is also the question of whether it can deliver the Xbox Scorpio at a competitive price point. The Xbox One was criticized for being bundled with extraneous hardware, which pushed the price above that of the PlayStation 4, with the Sony console also being more powerful. Microsoft will be conscious that it needs to get the balance right with the Xbox Scorpio if it is to achieve an enviable market share.