Mitron to Maan-Samman- Media goes nuts after all Terms M

Our platter is so full of �Masala�, that we don�t have the space left to add more spices into it.

Mitron to Maan-Samman- Media goes nuts after all Terms M

Mitro, Mann ki baat mein aapka swaagat hai

India currently is witnessing a complete dominance and power of M. It appears as if no other consonant or a vowel is left with such a massive degree of supremacy or a nerve. As a matter of fact, it is not a piece of cake to remain ‘in trend’ constantly. But M somehow manages to, because ‘it’ is an attention-seeker and hence ensures that there are continuous mass and massive manipulative flow of movements of ‘its’ activities, as ‘it’ believes and realizes the fact that the more effect is forced to Mass, the more Massive is the outcome.De-

Monetisation, Money, Mahatma Gandhi, Market, Music, Molestation, Manmohan Singh, Mulayam Singh Yadav and last, but indeed not the least, PM Modi have been the most prominent M-words who have been hitting the headlines and trolled lately.

Internationally, Prominent M-words too hit the headers recently. While receiving the Lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes, Meryl Streep shuddered not only everyone in the audience present there but the whole world too with her views on America’s newly elect President. And, of course, who can forget the farewell address by the outgoing First Lady of USA,
ichelle Obama, who has made herself a role model among the youth worldwide.

But, this is not about them. This is about us. Our platter is so full of ‘Masala’, that we don’t have the space left to add more spices into it.

To start with the Bharatiya Masala, the first term- M which comes into mind is Money, which in its invisible form in this de-monetisation phase pinched a common man’s pocket the most. 
iddle Class and the Lower Middle Class are still struggling to come to terms with the shock they are forced to bear since November 8, 2016. They wonder what they gained after being pulled off their own hard earned money. They are jumbled and, in fact, will remain muddled because they are considered only as a ‘Bheed’ or a ‘Crowd’ which is not meant to understand or necessarily not made to understand things, but, in fact, is used for experimenting and enforcing new studies or researches or a concept upon, whether good or bad. 
arket, however without ‘visible ‘money has been facing a sharp slump, but small traders, farmers are still trying hard to cope-up with this tough situation forced upon them. All of them, with all their best efforts for sure, are showing their ‘Nationalism’ and proving their ‘Patriotism’ by putting all their faith upon the system and the government.

Lately, new experiments are seemed to be going on in the form of floating new but without
ahatma Gandhi printed currency notes to check a common man’s reaction. Recently, photographs of Prime Minister Narendra Modi replaced those of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, in the 2017 calendar and table diaries published by the Khadi Village Industries Commission (KVIC). Maybe, absence of Mahatma Gandhi in Currency Notes too, is a wave to replace him by our PM!! Anything seems to be possible looking at the current state of waves.

Even though a common man today waits in long queues outside ATMs for his money, ignoring all other various issues which he must handle at the same time, his anxiously raised voice is repeatedly laid to rest by hitting his conscience with the narrations of our Braveheart Soldiers who without any doubts or anxieties, always keep their spirits high, never question the system and stand for hours protecting the boundaries of our nation. But now, when those same soldiers too are raising their voices, questioning the system and coming out open about their plight, their credibility now is also being marked doubtful. Now the soldiers are being preached with the example of a common man who silently follows what is imposed upon him. What a Mockery!!

Isn’t it an irony that despite realizing everything, Aam Janta still can’t do much about it and is forced to accept the enforced double standards? Janta is confused! The same Janta who had earlier trolled against ex-PM Dr Manmohan Singh and tagged him as a weak-mute-spectator only, recently was seen hailing and regarding him as one of the world’s greatest economist when he spoke against de-monetisation. Jai Janta Janaardan!

The 'Dues' related Money Matters too, seem to have created a great stir lately. Matters related not only to BSF and CRPF Jawans who are seemingly getting agitated, concerned and worried about the facilities given to them, during service and after service, but, the most recent MCD Workers’ strike due to non-payment of their salaries and Suicides over OROP are also very serious and grim issues rising higher but unfortunately, unattended and ignored.

Furthermore, two legends remain on the headlines due to their ‘family-matters’. One of them was a great Musician, Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan. It’s about Late Ustad’s shehnai theft case in which the Varanasi unit of Special Task Force (STF) arrested three persons including his grandson and two jewellers on Tuesday. Greed and ignorance of Maestro’s grandson has been widely condemned. Another legend who remains in news headlines is a political honcho and is fighting a radical family battle with his own son.
ulayam Singh Yadav’s political family drama has not been less than a daily soap opera lately, but who knows, it might be a political stunt to get all the public attention, and hence, sympathy and votes.

Amongst all the Ms, what remains the most shocking and the most derogatory and disgusting term till date is Molestation.

Molestation, whether in the form of Mass by an uncontrollable mob, witnessed in Bengaluru on New Year’s Eve, or behind a closed door, or even at public place, as witnessed on CCTV footage recently, is highly condemnable and unacceptable. There should be no scope of leniency for molesters. In place of sluggish trials, speedy justice should be provided to the victims. Whosoever concerned, involved or associated with such gruesome activities, whether a civilian or in uniform, should be sentenced with the harshest castigation, humiliation, and punishment. The identity of such convicts and culprits should be made public so that it can deter other prospective molesters and teach them the lesson that Machoism lies in the protection of innocence and honour and not in forcing false masculinity to the fairer counterpart. Jai Hind!