Over 3 crore people participated in human chain: Nitish

Saturday�s human chain in Bihar has surpassed the 1050 km long human chain formed in Bangladesh in 2004.

Over 3 crore people participated in human chain: Nitish

In the human chain formed in Bihar, over three crore people participated in support of prohibition, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar boasted on Saturday.

“As per reports reaching from across the state, more than three crore citizens participated in the human chain programme today,” Kumar told reporters hours after the event. The ‘unexpected’ rush of participants resulted in an increase in distance on the earlier decided route of 11,292 km human chain to 11,400 km, he said.

The CM began the human chain by joining hands with RJD President Lalu Prasad on the one side and State Assembly Speaker Vijay Chaudhary. From Gandhi Maidan, the human chain branched into different directions to go across the state.

“The Bihar population at present would have been in between 11 to 12 crore and out of this more than 3 crore coming on streets to form human chain clearly shows that people of Bihar have taken a vow against liquor,” the CM said.

Boastful of the successful programme, Kumar said directions of the Patna High Court was taken care of and no hindrance was caused in running of essential services.

Asked if the state government would stake claim to Guinness book of world record for registration of largest human chain in the world so far, Kumar said “why shall we make any claim…if Guinness book has to remain Guinness book it itself will take notice of this congregation of people in form of human chain.”

According to official records, Saturday’s human chain in Bihar has surpassed the 1050 km long human chain formed in Bangladesh in 2004.

Kumar has taken liquor ban on a mission mode and has been asking people through his ongoing ‘Nishchay yatra’ to participate in the human chain. He said the ‘unprecedented’ congregation of citizens today was also different from other such human chains in the world.

“In other human chains people had come on streets to register the protest on some issue but the human chain in Bihar was to express support on a positive issue (prohibition),” he added.

Kumar said, " a loud and clear message of the human chain would cross boundaries and serve as an eyeopener for states whose government are scared of losing revenue due to prohibition.”

CM lauded people’s participation saying, besides leaders of all the parties, farmers, labourers, professionals, those linked with medical work, women and students came on streets to express jan bhavna in support of liquor ban.

“Today’s human chain would also pave way for a handful of people who link boozing with fundamental right to accept prohibition slowly and gradually,” the CM said, adding this also launched a two-month campaign to take Bihar a step forward from prohibition towards making it intoxicants-free.

The campaign would end on March 22 as “Bihar day”, he said.“Coming of citizens in large number on streets in support of prohibition would also further improve Bihar’s image which he alleged had been “maligned by a few of our own people.”