PM Modi says skipped Yoga to meet mother, Kejriwal hits out

Delhi chief minister askedModi to allow his mother to stay at PM’s residence

Delhi chief minister and AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday trolled Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the PM said he skipped Yoga to meet his mother.

Modi tweeted this morning that he skipped yoga to meet his 95-year-old mother Heeraben in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar when he reached home state for the “Vibrant Gujarat” global summit.

However, in two tweets posted in Hindi, Delhi chief minister asked Modi to allow his mother to stay at PM’s residence.

“I stay with my mother. I take her blessings everyday but I don’t boast about it. I don’t make my mother stand in line for political gains.”

“Hindu religion and Indian culture says you should make your aged mother and your wife stay with you. PM’s residence is big, make your heart bigger,” he added.

Many had earlier accused PM Modi of using his elderly mother political benefits after Heeraben went to a bank near her home in a wheelchair after demonetisation announcement, to swap Rs. 4,500 in denominations of Rs. 500.