PM Modi's charkha photograph was shot at a Ludhiana event

Some 500 charkhas were given to rural women to make them self-sufficient and to add Rs 150 to their daily income.

PM Modi

The controversial photograph of PM Narendra Modi spinning a charkha which was used by Khadi and Village Industries Commission on its 2017 calendar, was shot at an event in Ludhiana in October last year.

According to Times of India, on October 18, Modi had visited Ludhiana for an event organised by the micro small and medium enterprises ministry. The organisers had distributed charkhas to women from poor families at the event, but many of them no longer work.

Creating a photo opportunity PM had sat with the women on stage and spun the charkha. Raising the slogan' Khadi for the nation', Modi had given some 500 charkhas to rural women to make them self-sufficient and to add Rs 150 to their daily income.

TOI reported from Littran village in Jalandhar, about 20 of the 500 charkhas were distributed, that most of the charkhas were faulty and women had also packed up their wheels as they couldn't spin anything on them.

Kulwinder Kaur, a skilled worker with almost 30 years of experience, prefers her 20-year-old charkha which works just fine. When she pulls out the Modi charkha for a demonstration, then the wheel jams and the wooden structure makes a screeching sound.

TOI has quoted Kaur as saying, "Hun dasso, ehda achaar pana? (What should I do with this, make pickle out of it?) Wouldn't it have been better to give us some money instead? The charkhas given to us in Ludhiana during the programme looked the same but were of superior quality. This one seems to be a cheaper version."

Simply, the women are keeping the Modi charkhas as the symbol of "Modi fashion".