PM Modi's Mann ki Baat with students facing exams

Parents should create an environment of happiness in the house, says PM.

PM Modi

In Prime Minister Narendra Modi's first Mann Ki Baat of 2017, he addressed students set to appear in class 10th and 12th boards and other competitive examinations across the country. He encouraged festive like feeling for the exams and asked parents not to put pressure on kids.

He began the session by asking for 2 minutes silence for martyrs of the country on January 30 and congratulated all the honorees of Gallantry awards and asked students to research about the winners.

He then started his special address to students saying, "If the students take pleasure in exams there will be no pressure." He urged students to smile more to score more.

The exams that you’ll give are a test of this year not of a lifetime. Exams are not a benchmark of your success in life, he added. "When you are relaxed, the recall value will be more; Relaxation is the best tonic for memory," says PM Modi.

"If your mission and ambition are in sync, marks will follow. You should strive to gain knowledge," PM said.

"Exams are not seen in proper perspectives. This is not a question of your life and death. A happy mind is a secret to a good marksheet," he said.

He asked parents to mentor children to be part of society and accept them the way they are. Parents should create an environment of happiness in the house, says PM.

He cited examples of APJ Abdul Kalam and Sachin Tendulkar asking students to break their own records instead of competing with others. He said, "it will give you confidence. "

"Lack of confidence leads to shortcuts and cheating, says PM. Some people spend all their time in finding out ways to cheat. If they cheat what will they teach their children, Students should focus on studies," said PM

He advised students to follow three essential requirements during exams, Proper rest, adequate sleep and physical activity. He also asked students to take breaks during study hours to concentrate more.

He ended his address with best wishes for Vasant Panchami and exams.