Pune executive kills wife over social media posts, kills self

The techie killed his wife Sonali for sharing her problems on Whatsapp and Facebook with her friends which irritated Rakesh.

Pune executive kills wife over social media posts, kills self

Infuriated over his wife's social media posts, a techie in Pune allegedly strangled her and then hung himself in their home on Tuesday.

According to the reports, Rakesh Gangurde, 34, left a suicide note in which he said that he was upset with his wife Sonali, 28 for sharing too much about their lives on social media.

Rakesh and Sonali had been married for four years and didn't have children. It has been reported that they fought frequently over Sonali's social media posts.

Pune Mirror reported that the couple had some trouble in conceiving and was undergoing treatment for the same. The fact that Sonali was sharing her problems and the remedies that she was undergoing for them on Whatsapp and Facebook with her friends irritated Rakesh.

"As per the purported suicide note left by Rakesh, he was not happy with Sonali, who used to discuss details of family planning and other marital details with her friends on social media and that prompted him to take the drastic step," a police officer said.

It was Sonali's brother who found the couple's  bodies on Wednesday night. Sonali's mother had called her from Nashik but became worried when there was no response. She then called her sons and asked them to enquire. Later her brothers called the police who entered the house by breaking open the door.

Police found Rakesh hanging from a nylon rope and Sonali lying on the bed.

Rakesh, a science graduate who also holds an MBA degree was employed with a private firm. However, he had resigned a few days back. Sonali, a computer engineer had stopped working a few months ago, the police said.

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