Punjab Polls 2017: Outsiders in power may lead to crisis, Modi targets Kejriwal

In a rally at Punjab�s Faridkot district, Modi said that he was hurt by the personal attack against Prakash Singh Badal.

Punjab Polls 2017: Outsiders in power may lead to crisis, Modi targets Kejriwal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday targeted Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and termed him as "an outsider" during his election rally in poll-bound Punjab.

While referring Kejriwal’s warning that AAP government will send several ‘corrupt’ Akali leaders to jail if the party forms the government in Punjab, Modi managed to give a lecture to AAP chief for using unparliamentary languages against Akali leaders.

In a rally at Punjab’s Faridkot district, Modi said that he was hurt by the personal attack against Prakash Singh Badal adding that the incumbent chief minister of Punjab was among those leaders who had never uttered hurtful statements for others.

“How can you expect those who are used to hurling insults on everyone, those who betrayed Anna Hazare to use parliamentary language (for Punjab CM.) We also fought against Congress, but we always said that we will investigate guilty people and ensure that law takes the guilty to task. We never said that we will send this person to jail and that person to jail"

“He (Kejriwal) wanted to send Sheila Dikshit to jail, but Sheila Dikshit is now the chief ministerial candidate in Uttar Pradesh… To say that we will send that person to jail is the language of a dictator. Does democracy function like this? We may have differences but we must never forget morality in politics. Politics without morality will be dangerous for the country.”

Calling Kejriwal’s party as an outsider, Modi hinted that a government by AAP will pose a serious security risk to India.

“Punjab shares border with Pakistan. Pakistan is always on the lookout for the opportunity to use the land of Punjab to destroy India. So, if there’s an unstable government here, if the government is formed by an outsider, if there’s a government of those wanting to enjoy power, then not only will it result in losses for people of Punjab, but the entire India will have to go through a period of deep crisis.”

Modi also took a swipe at AAP for accusing him of running the Election Commission.

“I went to Goa…When somebody comes to know that they are facing defeat (Goa polls) then they start creating a situation, find ways to wriggle out of the situation. What they promised in Goa, they gave interviews to newspapers, saying that Modi was calling the shots and running the EC,” he said.

He added nobody should point fingers at the EC.

“But (for them) the EC is useless. What is the fault of EC? Its fault is why it decided the same date for polling in Punjab and Goa."

“Their second grudge was why polls are being held first in Punjab and Goa, and third was that the elections are being conducted simultaneously so that their political party is defeated,” he said.