RSS to rely on booth campaigning in UP elections for BJP win

RSS plans to repeat it�s poll strategy of �booth campaigning� for the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.

RSS to rely on booth campaigning in UP elections for BJP win

RSS plans to repeat it’s the strategy of ‘booth campaigning’, which it had successfully executed in the Varanasi Lok Sabha elections in 2014 for the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. A coordinated effort from the RSS cadre through the campaigning ensured a resounding victory for the BJP’s prime ministerial  candidate Narendra Modi with a huge margin of 3.37 lakh votes in 2014.

The campaign, masterminded by Amit Shah was unique in UP, as RSS poll machinery put each

panna prabhari in charge of 60 voters. RSS deputed hundreds of cadres, and they strived hard in every nook and corner of the constituency, working day and night as per a war footing plan throughout the campaigning.

RSS reached out to the voters with a coordinated activity, meeting them in person and identifying potential sympathisers and singling out opponents from the voters list.

The campaigning was conducted without much uproar or taking BJP into confidence, by making responsible cadres in charge of booth, instead of relying on multi-structured leadership at various levels. The sole aim of the campaigning was to provide victory for Modi, considered as not a deserter of the Sangh’s ideology and only hope for Hindutva ideology by the outfit’s leadership.

This time, RSS will start its campaign in two phases. The first phase will roll out on January 9 and continue till January 19, during which the cadres will reach out to each and every voter by visiting them in their home to know their political affiliations.During the second phase which will start from January 20, the cadres will again  visit voters, urging them to vote for BJP. All the umbrella associations of the Sangh will be roped in to help BJP candidates win.

However, the poll strategy will undergo substantial changes from time to time to respond to strategies made by opposition to woo the voters.

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