BSF Jawan video: Tej Bahadur Yadav not arrested but shifted to another camp, says govt in Delhi HC

Sharmila Yadav, the wife has alleged that the family couldn't contact him for three days and the BSF has not responded to two letters asking about his whereabouts

BSF Jawan video: Tej Bahadur Yadav not arrested but shifted to another camp, says govt in Delhi HC

The Home Ministry on Friday told the Delhi High Court, that Border Security Force (BSF) soldier Tej Bahadur Yadav, whose videos about bad food being served to soldiers at frontiers went viral had not been arrested rather moved to another unit.

The High Court was hearing the matter on the habeas corpus plea submitted by his wife Sharmila in which she alleged that she couldn't contact him in the past three days.

The court asked further why Sharmila was not allowed to meet him at the new battalion camp. She alleged in her plea that Yadav had been illegally detained after his video went viral on social media.

Sharmila will be allowed to meet Tej Bahadur under the court's new ruling over the weekend at the 88th battalion HQ in Samba and the matter is now scheduled to be heard on February 15.

The BSF has stated that they have no objections to Sharmila meeting Yadav and added she will  meeting him at a suitable place and the necessary arrangements can be made for an overnight stay too.

According to NDTV, BSF claimed that they have phone records to prove that the constable spoke to his son, wife and brother yesterday.

Yadav posted a video on Facebook showing what he described a watery meal, unseasoned dal and burnt chappati being served to the troops. He also accused that many soldiers went to bed hungry after standing hours in duty.

The video went viral forcing the Prime Minister's Office to ask for a report from both Home Ministry and the BSF.

A petition was lodged in the High Court asking the government to recruit officers to oversee the cooking of healthy meals at camps.

Sharmila also alleged that BSF denied Yadav's request for early retirement.

The BSF clarified the denial of voluntary retirement request saying an enquiry was pending against him.