In Mayo town, dial Mayowish for an Ajmer party

"Just like internet shopping was eyed suspiciously once, we are under the scanner for our work and ideas," says the founder of Mayowish

In Mayo town, dial Mayowish for an Ajmer party

With event managers becoming the must-haves for any celebration or other occasions, a start-up from Ajmer, yes, Ajmer, is challenging the biggies from the metros with its creative and insightful approach to events in the city.

Mayowish came into being after it took days of hard work for founder 23-year-old Hari Mohan to organise a farewell party. It was when he and his friends tried to arrange a farewell party and had to roam Ajmer to find out a place suitable for their celebration and at their budget and style that Hari Mohan realised the need for Mayowish. Hard work for holding a party didn't sound right either.

Hari Mohan left his job as an engineer in an infotech company and put together a team to start Mayowish in July 2016. After meeting the requirements of the cloud as well as marketing channels to float the start-up, as it didn't meet the eligibility criteria of Startup India by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the team of 6 got the party started for Ajmer.

After 6 months into the business, the team has already organised various small to medium sized parties for different occasions and also had the chance to sign up for bigger parties too.

The basic idea of Mayowish is simple, order your party and have fun. You just need to visit the website and select a package according to the occasion and requirement and leave it for Mayowish to deal with.

The most common options are birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, dates and the Valentine week special celebrations. People, who availed its services and spoke to, expressed delight and joy at Mayowish's existence.

Dheeraj, 22, organised a birthday party for his girlfriend and couldn't thank Mayowish enough for the happiness of his girlfriend. Divyanshi, 22, was pleasantly surprised at the venue since she wasn't sure of the place working out as well as it did for her party.

Mayowish is trying to keep the costs low without compromising on its service. As a result, it is burning a hole in its profitability and its savings. While the team tries to get through Startup India's requirements, open sources have been a help to cut costs as well as fulfil the obligations of the company.

Hari Mohan told that their investment mostly goes into technology and marketing strategies as after their initial link-ups with different venues for the party, things have been working out well for customers.

"The biggest challenge," Hari Mohan said, "was the skeptical nature of people. Just like internet shopping was eyed suspiciously once, we are under the scanner for our work and ideas." However, with time they have been receiving a good response and word of mouth is also helping their cause.

"Furthermore," Hari recalled, "in the initial stages we had been advised to go and try in some bigger city as many said
yahan tumhara kuch nahi hoga.
 But we stood by together and here we are, partying with Ajmer."

The inspiration and competition come from places like (Bangalore),  dineout (Delhi), bookeventz (Mumbai) etc. However, Hari says that their concept and business model differs from others in the same field and being new and a start-up, they don't have competition, at least for now.

Hari Mohan, along with Himanshu, looked after the development of the idea while Adhar worked on the design of the website and Nidhiraj, Jayesh and Raunak are the bunch for marketing ideas.

The team wants to "standardise parties." Explaining further, Hari Mohan said, "To fulfil our vision, two things are essential for us, Quality and Service. We have been using technology at its best for synchronisation of services while ensuring the quality of our Wish points (venues). However, we are not stopping here. We will go forward with larger projects and better services. One of our next bonus to our customers would be a customised web page for their event so that even after years, they can revive the memories."

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