Kerala CM slams Centre for showing disrespect to E Ahamed

Ahamed, senior parliamentarian and IUML leader, had passed away in the wee hours.

Kerala CM slams Centre for showing disrespect to E Ahamed

Criticising the centre for presenting the union budget today, hours after the death of parliamentarian E Ahmed, Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said it was 'improper, unfortunate and amounted to showing disrespect' to the demised.

In a statement, the CM stated it was in the same Parliament building that Ahamed, a senior sitting member in the Lok Sabha and former Union Minister had collapsed yesterday.

“Presenting budget in the same building within hours after his death was totally improper and unfortunate. The Centre has gone ahead with the budget presentation, hurting the sentiments of the members of the House,” Pinarayi criticised the centre.

“The act amounted to disrespect to the memories of the deceased and insulting the democratic consciousness of the nation. It was a grave mistake that the government had gone ahead with the budget presentation at a time when tributes should have been paid to such a senior leader,” he added.

Ahamed, the IUML leader who had passed away in the wee hours, was among the long-serving members of the House had maintained a warm relationship with all members and had held high the interests of the nation including at the United Nations.

Earlier in a Facebook Post, Pinarayi said, “Demise of E Ahamed is a great loss not only to his party and to his family but for the society as a whole. With great grief, I join his family in their sorrow”.

“As a member representing India in the UN General Assembly, he was able to uphold the country’s interest among world nations,” the CM commemorated.