Kushal Tandon saves Jennifer Winget as Beyhadh set catches fire

Actor Kushal Tandon saves co-star Jennifer Winget when a mandap scene that was on fire went out of control...he suffered burns on his neck and legs.

Kushal Tandon saves Jennifer Winget as Beyhadh set catches fire

Talk about clichéd moments that come true. On the sets on Beyhadh, Kushal Tandon had to come to co-star Jennifer Winget’s rescue as a mandap scene they were shooting for, was on fire and it went out of control. Although Kushal managed to get out Jennifer from a major mishap, he suffered burns on his neck and legs.

During the shooting of Beyhadh, Kushal and Jennifer are supposed to get married in a burning mandap. Jennifer, the bride was already seated in the burning mandap and Kushal entered. They got married and the scene happened as per plan. Then suddenly things went out of control and Kushal rushed out of the burning

mandap dragging Jennifer’s dupatta. Again, he entered the mandap and rescued Jennifer, who was caught unaware of the situation.

Kushal, later took to Instagram and shared details. He wrote, “It’s actually so cliché…… u save a girl from fire …. Have always Watched and imagined as a scene ….. but it actually happened ….. 🙄the way I ran both the times … m laughing watching this while m on my way back home … but was terrified that time …. don’t know what all was goin in my mind …. sad that Wat was the action directors safety … not a single action directors guy came to rescue that girl ….. Thanku God for giving me strength and the ability to think at that time to run and get her first Coz she jus froze … and the day ends … much love ❤to all.”

Jennifer took to Twitter and thanked her co-star for saving her life. She wrote, “I owe you biiiig time .. you saved my life.”

Here are some of the pictures from the wedding sequence of Beyhadh… Jennifer Winget does make a beautiful bride.