Govt celebrates 4 years though hundreds of Surat textile units downs shutter permanently

While the Central Government is celebrating its 4 years of 'Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas', hundreds of weaving units in the textile city of Surat, also known as the business capital of the state, have closed down in the last 2 years.

Govt celebrates 4 years though hundreds of Surat textile units downs shutter permanently

The two day bank strike called by the United Forum of Bank Unions has resulted in a huge loss especially to the business capital of Gujarat immensely.

Due to the strike, clearance of cheques worth 1500 crores have been reported from the textile and diamond hub of the country itself. The two day token strike of the bank employees affected around 340 nationalised bank branches in the city on Wednesday and Thursday causing huge losses to the business community in South Gujarat.

This has happened when hundreds of textile units are closing down in Surat due to the lackadaisical attitude of the government officials and wrong implementation of GST which has hit the business community hard in Surat and South Gujarat, the hub of textiles in the country.

According to the Pandesara Weavers Association President Ashish Gujarati, the textile industry has been hit very hard due to the implementation of GST. "The weavers in Surat used to work and install atleast 6 to 8 looms machines but due to GST, many of the weavers are switching over, closing down their establishments".

"Basically they are facing severe problems due to the nitty gritties of GST and subsequent loss of business thereof. Many of the weavers have now sold of their establishments and machines. More than 1 lakh looms machine in Surat has reportedly been shelved uptil now", says Gujarati.

Other textile business houses blame the state government for the chaos like situation arising due to GST.

They claim that while the Maharashtra government has made several amendments in their laws related to the weavers, making the state more textile business friendly, the Gujarat Government on the other hand has never adhered to the demands of the business community.

They always have a sad approach towards the genuine demands, claims the textile business community. Moreover, the weavers claim that even the electricity rates in Gujarat are higher than the other states hence weaving is a costly affair in Surat which ultimately becomes dearer to the end customer.