In Yogi's UP, 600 policemen 'missing' from records, salaries being transferred since years

Cover Ups in Uttar Pradesh are not new. This time its the Uttar Pradesh Police. about 600 policemen posted in just one district of Allahabad are untracable for years now despite the fact that their salaries are transferred into their accounts month after month.

In Yogis UP, 600 policemen missing from records, salaries being transferred since years

A major scam in itself, whereabouts and postings of 600 police personels in Allahabad and the nearby areas under the Allahabad zone are missing from government records. Though salary is transferred from the state exchequer on a regular basis but the department does not have any details of either their postings or the work they are entrusted with.

A report in this connection has been sought now by ADG SN Sabat and IG Ramit Sharma from the SSP. According to information available the UP police does not know about its 600 police personnel posted in the Allahabad zone itself. All their records are missing from the department though the salary is transferred without fail into their account every month.

An enquiry is now being conducted on the 600 personnel and they are being tracked now. But how did this happen at the first place? According to sources, the department does not know the answer. Even the department does not know where they are posted, what work they are doing. Neither they have appeared in person from years.

This revelation was only made when the Allahabad SSP Nitin Tiwari sought a list of police officials posted in the district from the treasury office. When the list was scrutinised with the actual strength of the police force deployed in the district, this major scam came to light.

According to sources within the Police department, this has been happening from years now. Most of the policemen in this list are taking the salary from the police department but are also running parallel businesses using their clout as policemen. Some are into real estate business while some are ferrying taxis and autos in the district. While some of them are contractors.

But on record they get their salaries without fail. If this is the case only in Allahabad, the real scene pertaining to the entire state can easily be ascertained. The sources also claim that most of these policemen are close to politicians and hence using their clout they don't discharge their duties.

The politicians use them for their personal activities safeguarding their salaries which is being transferred every month without fail.