Narada brings to light series of events from the day of Kathua girl's missing

The 8 year old girl from Kathua kidnapped, gang raped, and murdered inside a Hindu temple. Narada uncovers all the series of events happened in Kathua from the day of the girl's missing

Narada brings to light series of events from the day of Kathua girls missing

The horror story in Kathua cannot be taken as a case in isolation. The act of the police, the government machinery and the political leaders raise a serious question on the botched up investigation to shield a few. NARADA NEWS brings to light the series of events from the day the kathua girl went missing.

Brief facts of the case are that on 12.01.2018 one Mohd. Yousuf S/o Sahib Din (caste- Bakarwal) R/O Rasana, Tehsil Hiranagar, District Kathua lodged a complaint in P/S Hiranagar to the effect that his daughter, Aged 8 years, had gone for grazing horses in the nearby forest at about 1230 hrs and she was seen with the horses at about 1400 hrs on 10.01.2018. On the same day horses returned back in the dhera at about 1600 hrs but the girl did not return back. On this the complainant along with others started search in the forest area but the girl could not be traced out. He further alleged that he had a suspicion that some miscreants might have kidnapped his daughter. On this report case FIR No 10/2018 U/S 363 RPC was registered in PS Hiranagar and investigation was taken up.

In the course of investigation the investigating officer made efforts to trace out the missing girl with the help of VDC members and respectable of the area but did not get any clue about the victim. Subsequently, on 17.01.2018 dead body of the girl was recovered on the basis of information provided by one Jagdish Raj S/o Desu R/o Dugaan Bani who had been same while in search of his missing horses in the nearby forest. The body of the deceased was taken into custody for conducting autopsy. The postmortem of the deceased was conducted by a team of doctors at District Hospital Kathua on the same day at 1430 hrs. During investigation conducted by P/S Hiranagar one individual namely Shubam Sangra S/O Om Prakash R/O Hiranagar, Ward No. 10, A/P Rasana, residing with his maternal uncle Sanji Ram in village Rasana, was taken to police station Hiranagar for questioning. During questioning he divulged that his father is working as a peon in Hr. Sec. School Chagral and his mother is a housewife.

He further divulged that he used to take alcohol, cigarettes, gutka and other intoxicants and had been expelled from Modern Public School Sikdi Hiranagar, because of his unruly behavior with girls of his school. Fed up with his conduct the family shifted him to the house of his maternal uncle, some three months back, where he used to take care of their cattle by getting leaves, etc from the nearby forests. In the forests he had met a girl of Bakarwal community 7/8 times and most of the times she used to enquire about the whereabouts of her horses which she usually would take to the forest for grazing. On 10-01-2018, the same Bakarwal girl met him in the forest area near a Bahari Balish tree and he asked her to accompany him on the assurance that he would help her in tracing out her missing horses. Around 1830 hrs he took her to a shed of his maternal uncle meant for keeping the cattle where he gagged her with a handkerchief and also tied her hands with a rope which was already lying in the shed.

He further divulged that he took out the drawstring (Nara) from her trouser and tied up her legs with the same. Thereafter, he locked the door of the shed and proceeded to his home. After an hour he took some meals for her secretly and on reaching the shed un-gagged her and made her to eat the food that he had brought for her. Next he again gagged her with the same handkerchief, locked the shed again and went home. He continued doing the same till 16-01-2018. On 16-01-2018 at about 6:30 PM he reached the shed in question and untied the girl. Thereafter, he knotted her trouser with a rope and told her that he will drop her home. He took her through the same route, wherefrom, he had brought her to the shed and on way he unknotted her trouser and attempted to rape her. The said girl reacted by saying that she will narrate the whole incident to her family members. Apprehending that Bakarwals residing in the area will kill him he strangulated her with a chunni that was worn by her. Blood mixed spitting oozed from her mouth and thereafter he took her in his lap to another place and threw her on the ground where he hit her head twice with a stone.

Subsequently he waited for about 10 minutes and then left for home. On the next day he took the drawstring of her trouser and the handkerchief to the cowshed and burnt them. As per the investigations conducted by P/S Hiranagar, JCL further revealed that he used to take the victim to nearby fields for attending nature's call, discreetly, in late hours and used to wash her private parts with his hands using water from the hand pump. He also stated that he used to give her toffees of the Milky Way brand. He further divulged that during the captivity of said girl he did not make any attempt to rape her. Accordingly said JCL S/o Om Prakash Sangra R/o Ward No.10 Hiranagar was arrested in the above said case on 19.01.2018 by the Police Station Hiranagar. On the basis of the confessional statement of the accused a stone, weighing around 1 kg, used by him to hit the deceased girl was recovered and seized. He was subsequently produced before the Ld. Chief Judicial Magistrate.