20 day break for Chandigarh Airport from today

Hundreds of passengers in Punjab especially the business community is in a precarious situation as the International airport in Chandigarh will be non operational for a period of 20 day. This will not only result in a loss of time to the passengers but business too will seriously get hampered.

20 day break for Chandigarh Airport from today

Over a lakh domestic and international passengers are likely to be affected during the long closure of flights from May 12th to 31, 2018 while from June 1 to 30, the flights timing will be restricted between 7 am and 4 pm and there will be no flight on Sunday.

This will not only result in loss of time for the passengers as now they will have to either take a train route or make alternate arrangement, mainly the business community will have to bear the losses due to this closure.

Closure of the airport especially during this vacation time when the travel plans and foot fall at their airports are the maximum, the decision of the Airport Authority officials is being criticised.

The Chandigarh International Airport is being closed due to expansion work of its runway and will take around 20 days to become partially operational.

The national and international destinations connected with Chandigarh International Airport include Delhi, Srinagar, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Kullu, Bengaluru, Leh, Hyderabad, Dubai, Sharjah and Bangkok.