First in Kerala History; woman uncovers breasts in facebook post protesting hyper sexualization of female bodies

Arathy started a new way of protest against the sexist psyche of Kerala and the trend of hyper sexualizing female bodies by uncovering her breasts.

First in Kerala History; woman uncovers breasts in facebook post protesting hyper sexualization of female bodies

For the first time in history of Kerala, a woman uncovers her breasts in protest against moral policing and hyper sexualising female bodies. The picture was posted by her husband on facebook creating shockwaves in the moral psyche of Kerala society. Arathy SA bared her breasts as part of the ongoing social media roar against the recent moral policing issue at Farooq College in Calicut district. The immediate reason of the uproar was the cotroversial speech made by Dr Jauhar Munavar Assistant Professor at Farooq College. In his speech he made serious mysogynistic comments. He made deregatory remarks on girl students choice of clothing. Dr Munavvar made comments about muslil girl students body and accused them of deliberatley showing off. He compared their breasts to gouged out watermelon placed in street shops. In his speech he attacked muslim girl students saying that they were not covering their upper body properly or as it was expected to be.

On March 7th, Arathy shared a nude photo with her breasts covered with a book. Sharing her concerns and worries about her body she gave a caption, "Do not roll your eyes on me, its too hot." Vishnu posted the half nude posture claiming to be Arathi's under her post as a comment on the post.

Arathy, who is also a teacher, is protesting a misogynistic moral counselling speech made by a teacher at Farook college. Arathy wrote on facebook explaining why she exposed this photo in another: I am seeing some people are irritated by the photo me and my companion posted on facebook. I don't want to say who all are doing this, so this is my reply to all such people. When contacted Arathy allowed a detailed conversation with Naradanews.

Is it right to post photos of private parts?

I want to know why is this part private for women when it is not private for men.

Men are going to masturbate on this picture?

So what? That is their privacy. What is up with film actors then?

Then what is the point in Channar revolt? (right to cover breasts struggle)

They had no choice of covering breasts then. They earned it. Even now the question is same, CHOICE!

Won't kids see this?

Kids see breasts from the very day of their birth. It is the society makes them to see breasts as something bad. Why are we teaching them that breasts are bad?

What is the intention behind exposing such photos in a way which sexually stimulate others?

I am not inviting anyone to my bed room. My facebook timeline is to share my moments, my ideas, my thoughts…that is what I do. It is absolutely my right to decide what to do with my body. Whatever you may think about it, or go around saying about me , is your matter, I DON'T CARE A DIME.

Those with an opinion that I am inviting trouble, I make it clear that I am not inviting anyone. The purpose mainly is to do what i can to prevent hypersexualising female bodies.

As I always say, if I am troubling Rosy, Rosy can block me and leave. It is mere intolerance when your thoughts are undermined by different thoughts, just keep that in your mind.

My intention is just this, I want to shout out that there is nothing obscene on a woman's chest. In my knowledge those women who wanted to do this and tell the same are facing hindrances within their families and jobs. I have no such hindrances. And my companion is in full support of this,that is why I allowed him to post the photo when he asked me whether he can post the photo. I was trying to be mild in the beginning, because it might be too much for people. I felt there is nothing to worry when I saw Vishnu's interest and seriousness in the topic. So I agreed."- Arathy told Narada News.

"At first Arathy didn't post a full nude picture. People gave moralistic comments to that picture. People started tagging my name in the comment box with a view that wife belongs to her husband. That made me to post the photo."Vishnu told Narada News.

Presently the photos and notes are shared just with friends.

Last year, around this month Arathy and Vishnu was attacked by Kerala police's moral policing. They had gone live through facebook live questioning this act by the police. their live video had opened up a protest space. Arathy and Vishnu are in constant struggle with moral policing.

"Timidity is not associated with body, it must come through mind and actions."Arathy wrote in reply to Vishnu's comment.

Arathy started education at Trivandrum Carmal school. She studied BTech from Trivandrum college of Engineering. She had worked with SBT and Reserve Bank. They live in Trivandrum.