If I were a man, I wouldn't have gone through this kind of torture, I feel; Hadiya

"It is very sure that the Sanghparivar forces used me to spread hatred against the Muslim community. The entire Muslim community is victimized by them. They even think that Muslims should stay beneath their feet. But these days Muslims could raise against these odds. I wish we should keep going."

If I were a man, I wouldnt have gone through this kind of torture, I feel; Hadiya

How do you respond to the Supreme Court quashing Kerala High Court order which annulled your marriage with Shafin Jahan?

I thank Allah for this. Alhamdulillah. Now I realized that it is true that truth always win. Truth will win no matter how giant the forces which are standing against it. I have done nothing wrong. I am hundred percent sure about that. God will not do anything bad to me. The creator won't take us to somewhere we can't cope up with. Hadiya had two demands. The first demand was freedom. The second one was to live with Shafin Jahan. From the part of the Supreme Court, you got pro judgment. Is Hadiya free?

I am free to an extent. The Supreme Court acknowledged our marriage. I hope next time we meet, we can go out for shopping and all together. Insha Allah.

Do you meet Shafin often?

Yes. Shafin had come to college to meet me. We met twice in campus.

How does your father respond to this? Did he talk to you?

Father neither talked nor responded to me.

Do your father contact you?

Yes, he used to call me over phone. We used to talk. Father's stand in this case didn't change. I don't want to keep my parents away. I need them with me. My conversion and marriage are not meant to keep my parents away. I heard that there is a campaign going on like that. That I do not care or consider my parents at all. There is nothing like that. I have never kept them away. I had always been in contact. Whenever I could, I contacted them. I do not want to keep them away. Insha Allah. If at all they acknowledge me and my husband, we would stand together. Insha Allah.

How supportive is your college mates?

There is good support from the part of my college mates.

When Hadiya was in house arrest Rahul Easwar, Jamida Teacher, Manoj Guruji, Kummanam Rajashekharan etc. visited you. What was their intention?

Can I ask you something in return? You are a journalist and you yourself know that what these people are up to. I have no complete knowledge about them. All of them who came are Hindus, no one else came to meet me. All those whom we can call Hindus. That much. Nobody else came. No one stand for truth when they came to visit me. Jamida teacher wears Hijab. She looks like a Muslim.

Jamida teacher had told me during a casual talk that she visited Hadiya as per NIA's instruction. Jamida also told that she met Ashokan as well as per NIA's instruction. What is Hadiya's experience?

She came to meet me as per NIA's instruction. Why is NIA so adamant in my case? Why do NIA want to shift me from here to there, I should live on the 'right path'… why is NIA so adamant?// NIA feels that I am not on the right track. It conveys everything.

Why did Jamida teacher and Rahul Easwar visit you?

My faith is Islam. I want to live within Islam. That is my concept. I believe that is right. I do not care whether it is right or wrong for others. Me as a person likes to be Muslim, 100 per cent I believe. But they persuaded me to stay in Hinduism. Then you can imagine how would they have had talked.

What was the intention behind Rahul Easwar's visit?

It was on the third visit Rahul Easwar took my photo. If someone want to enter the house, there is a need of a positive vakalath from the side of my parents. He came in with someone's permission. Police and my parents supported him to enter. There is no meaning in saying that police was unaware of things. From the beginning Rahul Easwar came in with a phone. There was no restriction imposed on him. If Rahul Easwar had supported me he wouldn't have come there thrice. You can guess how would have been he talked, if he could enter the house thrice.

Rahul Easwar said something else once he came out. He said that he stand with Hadiya's faith.

Here, you don't have to trust neither me, nor Rahul Easwar. But in general you can understand the state of affairs. NIA had told me that I am an absolute liar. NIA says that I am a liar. I told them too you don't have to acknowledge me, but you can consider the situations and reach a conclusion and trust. I repeat that to you. Rahul Easwar came thrice. He could enter third time as well, you can imagine how would he had talked. Third time as well, he could simply enter, with mobile phone. He could even take a visual footage of me.

Did they try Ghar Wapsi?

Definitely, Five to six people came.

Why did they come? They wanted you to go back to Hinduism?

Definitely. Do you think that they came to have a friendly talk with me?

Did they torture you, Hadiya?

They tortured me mentally. If not physically, mentally it was something I can't agree at all.

When I say get out, they will not go out which is very irritating, you know.

After finishing college, where will you go, Hadiya?

I haven't decided yet. I want to meet Shafin as early as possible. I want to share this happiness with him.

It is on the international women's day the verdict came. What do you say?

Its really a happy thing to happen. It makes me feel that women are valued at some point of time.

A man who embrace another religion would not go through this kind of torture, I feel. We taste some change on this on women's day itself. That is something positive. This verdict makes everyone happy. Everyone is happy. I feel this verdict reaffirms our faith in the Constitution. This is the result of a lot many people's help and prayers. I have no idea how to thank all.

Your father say that he is an atheist, he says he do not oppose his daughter embracing another religion. He stated this in the affidavit also. What was your father's approach?

My father used to conduct poojas inside the house prior to the day I was supposed to be present at the Supreme Court. Three hours long rituals… I don't even know what they were meant for. They locked me inside the room. I couldn't even use the toilet. These poojas and rituals where held in front of my room. I know all these happened with the permission of my father. My father visited temple. He himself had told me that he is Hindu. Then what is the point in claiming that he is an atheist?

RSS leaders directly involved in this case?

I know nothing exactly about the RSS intervention. I don't even know whether I should say something about that. I saw Kummanam Rajashekharan right next to my house. But he didn't meet me in person.

Were you aware of the protests happening outside 'in the name of Hadiya'?

I didn't know anything happening outside. Whenever the media came, I thought that it would be Janam TV. So I had to shout out, which channel are you from? Channels except Janam would only be useful. What is the point in shouting out otherwise?

Hadiya's conversion is a historic incident. Hadiya is being discussed internationally. How did the Sanghparivar set their agenda in this case? They are doing hate campaign in the name of Hadiya.

There is no point in doubt. It is very sure that the Sanghparivar forces used me to spread hatred against the Muslim community. The entire Muslim community is victimized by them. They even think that Muslims should stay beneath their feet. But these days Muslims could raise against these odds. I wish we should keep going.

Muslims here are their victims. They even think that Muslims should stay beneath their feet. Muslims could raise a bit more. I wish we should keep going.

Did any Muslim organization leader call you? When you were in the house arrest and when you got out?

No one could connect with me when I was inside the house. I didn't share the number to anyone. So no one could connect with me. NIA is continuing investigation against Shafin Jahan. Case is not quashed. Won't this case affect your future life and peace? I have no fear in any kind of NIA action. They can investigate to any extent through legal process. Shafin or me have committed no crime, we have full belief. So, let them investigate. It is very sure that they can't prove anything until they themselves had created a lie. A lie can't be proven right. We are sure that we have done nothing wrong.

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