"I was attacked because I am part of Rohith Vemula movement" says Dalit professor Laxminarayana

“I am with the Rohith Vemula movement. May be that is one of the reasons for this attack also. I also wrote critiquing the Roopanwal commission. Naturally they are angry. Since punishment is not given to those who are involved in Rohith Vemula’s institutional murder, atrocities are continuing."

I was attacked because I am part of Rohith Vemula movement says Dalit professor Laxminarayana

On January 17th 2018, it becomes two years of Rohith Vemula's casteist institutional murder, with no action taken against the prime accused. Rohith's fellow students and those who joined the university later are all continuing protesting the vice chancellor Appa Rao who is the prime accused in the case. ABVP students in the campus go on abusing Dalit students and faculties who are part of Justice for Rohith Movement.

Attack on professor Laxminarayana

It was in November ABVP's national co-convenor Kaluram Palsaniya (Karan Palsaniya) abused Prof.Laxminarayana over a question paper he prepared, what angered the right wingers is a question on the idea of a University, and also about saffronization of educational institutions. "What is the fundamental objective of a public university? What are the new objectives being thrust on the public university because of privatisation and saffronisation of education?" That was the question which infuriated Palsaniya. Palsaniya, on his facebook post called Laxminarayana a 'bastard'. Palsaniya took down the facebook post soon, but screenshots were saved.

On November 30, Prof. Laxminarayana filed a complaint against Karan Palsaniya to Vice Chancellor Appa Rao Podile, but till this date no action has been taken. University spokesperson says that they were not able to take action for it was vacation time. President of the ABVP Hyderabad University unit Uday Inala said that Laxminarayana's question was political and not part of the syllabus. He filed a complaint against Laxminarayana also. He also said that he was not in support of Palsaniya's comment, and demanded action against Laxminarayana too.

Ambedkar Students Union activist and one of the Dalit students who had been suspended along with Rohith Vemula, Dontha Prashanth says that the attack on Prof. Laxminarayana by ABVP was conspired immediately after his rebuttal of Roopanwal committee in EPW, exposing the political conspiracy of BJP in declaring Rohith as Non-Dalit to save union ministers of BJP from SC/ST atrocity case registered against them, along with VC Appa Rao Podile.

Prof. Laxminarayana says he was threatened and attacked by the ABVP workers because he is part of Rohith Vemula movement

"I am with the Rohith Vemula movement. May be that is one of the reasons for this attack also. I also wrote critiquing the Roopanwal commission. Naturally they are angry. Since punishment is not given to those who are involved in Rohith Vemula's institutional murder, atrocities are continuing. Rohith's institutional murder is SC/ST atrocity case. But nothing happened. The judge said the accused have not done anything. Now, whoever involved in the movement is getting targeted. First the attack was on students, now faculties also are getting attacked. This student is doing his PhD in History. He is not our student. He has not taken any optional in Economics department. He is not an Economics student. So basically he has no business to comment on this. I am not saying that no one can comment on this. They have the right to. But there is a way to do it. They can come to me and ask, they can go to the Dean and they can go to the vice chancellor. But this student did not do all these things. He wrote on facebook in a degenerated way. One can't imagine the way a student can steep to that level. He is the national coordinator of ABVP. Now you can understand the level of those who made him the national coordinator.The University authorities have the backing of the Police. They have the backing of the State. The University of Hyderabad students are not just fighting the administration, they are fighting the State too. The State is such powerful. So naturally it takes time to gather strength. Protests are going on, resistance is taking place. All these continue. That is the process. Ultimately they will be taught a lesson. But they have a State with them. The entire State machinery is with them. They will continue this for some time, but of course they can't do this for a long time. Now, countrywide the resistance is gaining momentum. In Gujarat what we are seeing is that they can't rule using just money and muscle power. Forces are getting strengthened and they can't do it for a long time. Justice will win ultimately." Said Laxminarayana.

After the casteist institutional murder of Rohith Vemula the university became a depressing space, says students. There is strict filtering of candidates to various courses, during admission interviews. Students who were part of Rohith Vemula movement are being filtered out. The university administration's attempts to eradicate memories of Rohith Vemula, both physical and political go on.