Gauri murder accused stayed near my house, I told them several times, you can't kill my ideas: KS Bhagavan

"I am not afraid of them. I told them several times, you can't kill my ideas"

Gauri murder accused stayed near my house, I told them several times, you cant kill my ideas: KS Bhagavan

KT Naveen Kumar who is an accused in Gauri Lankesh murder case has revealed that he had been hired to murder you.

First of all it was revealed by the special investigation team. Naveen Kumar had plotted to kill me. He came and he spent time and inspected here, and he found that there is police security, therefore he couldn't accomplish it. He gave it up. Then he moved to Bangalore and he removed Gauri, a very fine journalist and social activist.

Before murdering Gauri he came to you?

That is what he had told. But I haven't seen him. There is a hotel near by our house. According to news reports after he was arrested the hotel people said that fellow was coming here. He was drinking coffee here.

Where is this place?

It is at Kuvempu Nagar. It is an extension in Rameshwar city.

He was caught with cartridges, he was getting ready to murder you again? Is that right?

That I don't know. The police security is very tight. And they didn't release him yet. He is still under the SIT's judicial custody. At last the court has given permission to conduct narco test for him. The police told they are taking him to Bombay or Pune where the test can be done.

They are taking him to Bombay?

Yes. That is what they have decided. They had planned.

They had a plan to take him to Goa?


Goa is the headquarters of Sanathan Sanstha?

Yes that is what I am told. A news item appeared in Deccan Chronicle when I was in Kerala says that the murder has connections with Sanathan Sanstha. And they are eager to reinstate Manusmriti. They are thinking of removing the present constitution of India and replace it with Manusmriti. It is horrible. Constitution gives equality to each and every one. Manusmriti denies all equality and all freedoms. It says non-Brahmins are inferior. "Dasyam shudram dvijanmanam"; this is from Manusmriti. It means all non-Brahmins are slaves to the Brahmins. This is chaturvarna. They want to impose chaturvarna. You see what a wonderful idea is Sanathan Sanstha's.

So is it clear that Sanathan Sanstha is behind this murder?

Clues are there, but the special investigation team is yet to establish it.

Why do you think that it is not getting established?

Because, there is no proper clue and Naveen Kumar says one thing on one day and another thing on the next day. Police is in a mess to find out what is truth. Therefore the police was successful in convincing the court to allow them to conduct Narco test on him. Because of this chaturvarnya system India had to succumb to foreign rule for twenty six times.

Gauri wrote so open about her views, against the Sangh forces and she wrote in Kannada language. Isn't the medium she chose to work made her their enemy?

She was running a paper called Gauri Lankesh Patrike. It was very influential weekly. She was writing good articles. I also contributed. She would ask me why you didn't sent me articles. And the moment I send she would put it in the very next issue.

There is large violation of our constitutional rights happening in our country.

The BJP which is in power at the center is planning to replace the Constitution by the Manusmriti, but it is not to happen in the near future.

We can see it in the election result of Ghorakpur and the resurrection of BSP.

That news is alarming for BJP. It is a great indication if the non- BJP parties come together it is easy for them to defeat BJP. Very easy.

We can be hopeful about the changes?

Of course. If the opposition parties come together it is very easy to remove BJP from power. Because BJP is a minority. So if other parties keep away their differences and stand together they can come to power undoubtedly. Because they are only 31% and on the other side it is 69%. You see Akhilesh and Mayawati coming together, all the voters of BSP supported Akhilesh, of SP party and it is a clear indication, with thumping majority. Very better. Very good.

How do you look at Karnataka election?

In Karnataka there are three political parties, Congress, BJP and JDS. Which will get the majority of seats is doubtful. So political commentators said that I don't know how far it is going to be true. All commentators politicians and people who are interested in politics, they say at the most coalition government be formed in Karnataka. We don't know what will happen here.

Gauri's murder would create some kind of setback to BJP, right?

It may help to some extent. But what I feel very sorry to say that the awareness of the people of Karnataka is not to the extent of awareness of people in Kerala. I am told that Amit Shah came there the BJP party couldn't organize a meeting there because of the lack of audience. That is what I am told. Amit Shah left Kerala!

I have addressed gatherings in Calicut, Kannur, in Kalady…and I found people there very responsive. They have very good political awareness, that is because of the Communist Party, also once upon a time Narayana Gurudeva was there and his movement was very very strong. All these things helped the people there. And the percentage of literacy in Kerala is highest in India. That is a positive point.

When we are realizing that caste is the basis of Brahminic forces which are ruling the country, how do you think we can confront the condition?

So far as I am concerned I think that the people must be educated. By holding constant meetings, well informed persons must address the gathering, there must be discussion based on the talk, whatever questions and doubts the audience have must be put before the speakers, if they need clarification that must be cleared. The speakers also can get inputs from the audience, from the people. It is a give and take policy.

So, Ambedkar was presented as just someone who drafted the constitution, other than one who fought the caste. Because from school syllabus to college syllabus, all we can understand is Ambedkar is someone who drafted the Constitution of India.

The Maharashtra government published 23 volumes of the writings and speeches of Dr. BR Ambedkar. I have read the fifteen volumes of those and out of the fifteen I have translated in to Kannada volume 3, volume 7, volume 5 and volume 11 into Kannada. And all the writings of Baba Saheb have been published by the Karnataka government. Therefore with all the humility I say Ambedkar is the greatest scholar that India have. I don't think there was anybody who is equal to him.

Before he drafted the constitution, he read all the constitutions of the world and studied. Many scholars from England and America said that Ambedkar was the right person to draft the constitution. Ambedkar saw the sufferings of the masses, therefore he wanted to give a constitution which gives equal opportunity to one and all and freedom to one and all. Therefore he said that equality, liberty, and fraternity along with social justice and these are included in the preamble of Indian Constitution. Nobody can speak against the Constitution. The people who have no sense of justice, no sense of human love and affection.

I am for the removal of all castes, all religions, because caste and religion segregates people and spreads hatred between one community and another, one religion and another. All religions must be eradicated. They are not allowing the people to live happily.

Recently in the case of Hadiya, Law and court came to their rescue. As long as it is not a law and order problem any man and woman can get married. A fine example is that Supreme Court's judgment in favor of Hadiya.

You are not afraid of these forces?

No, I am not afraid, because one day I would rather go. It may be tomorrow or after 20 years. Whatever it is I am supposed to go, therefore I am happy that my services are being noticed by the society and government has taken note of it and given security they have saved my life for which I am very thankful to the Karnataka government. I am not afraid of them. I told them several times, you can kill me, but you can't kill my ideas.

You said all religious bigotry must be eradicated. My concern is in the present scenario of India, there is one particular religion victimizing the other religions like Muslims, Christians, Sikhs.

One particular religion is there which victimizes its own followers.

How can we face this challenge of supremacy of one particular religion?

My opinion is that since all religions bifurcate people and promote hatred between one religion and another, all religions must be abolished. That is the only remedy.