Croatia beat Russia on penalties to reach semi-finals.

Croatia advance to semi-finals after beating Russia 4-3 on penalties.

Croatia beat Russia on penalties to reach semi-finals.The Croatian team celebrate after Ivan Rakitić scores the final penalty.

Croatia eliminate hosts Russia to advance to semi-finals against England. They crushed the host's world cup dream by defeating them 4-3 on penalties. It required over 120 minutes of play, but Croatia won the game eventually. The match started off slow-paced, only to pick up speed after the first goal by Russia.

The game was filled with drama, even through regulation and extra time. Russia opened the scoring with a stunner by Denis Cheryshev in the 31st minute. However, Croatia replied with a goal and equalized seven minurtes after the opening goal. Croatia struck first in extra time, but the host nation scored with five minutes remaining before penalties to add to the drama.

The dream for the Russian football team ended on the boot of Ivan Rakitić who scored the final penalty to send his country forward. The Russian team won the hearts of their fellow countrymen as they made it farther than anyone would have thought they would. Croatia qualify for semi-finals and are up against England who defeated Sweden earlier this evening to secure their spot in the semi-finals.